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    Canucks, Moustaches, & Family Love in Movember

    Meet the ridiculously beautiful R. family…

    3-010 web

    They also happen to be a family that I love so much! I first met them soon after we moved to the Edmonton area. They had also recently moved from B.C. and not long after we met, Tawny approached me to take their family photos. Click HERE to peek back to 2008.  It’s funny looking back to that blog post, because I clearly remember that while I was taking those photos, I wished I knew this family better. They had this amazing connection within their family that was full of warmth, acceptance, love, and fun. Little did I know then, that years later Tawny would make a profound and amazing impact on my life.

    I consider myself very blessed to count her as a close friend who knows me better than

    I know myself.  She supports, loves, and gives with a generous heart, and she has this uncanny way of knowing exactly what to say at the exact moment I need to hear it.  I’m so thankful that our roads to a new place met…even if embracing the snow in Alberta is tough (although snow seems to show up in symbolic ways). She has a selfless and beautiful Spirit: http://christinehopaluk.com/blog/2010/01/17/tawnys-spirit/

    If you have the pleasure of spending any amount of time with this fun family, count yourself lucky! They always give more than they take (and they rarely take).  They are the gatherers of friends for special occasions, opening their home with an endless supply of love, acceptance, and a whole lot of laughter.

    Simply put: They. Are. Amazing.

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    3-132 web

    Jay has a huge heart, and he’s growing his Moustache out for Movember in support of Men’s health. http://ca.movember.com/mospace/990704

    This photo seems only fitting! Happy Movember 🙂

    3-147 web

    3-149 web

    3-151 web

    3-156 web

    3-177 web

    3-185 web

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    3-200bw web

    Now, I have to end by saying that even though I love them to death, there is one ‘lil annoying, competitive, and at times aggressive part of our friendship. This Oiler Girl has to put up with this during Hockey Season….

    Robertson Collage web

    Thank you for meeting me for photos! Love you!



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    A Stroll Down Memory Lane with the B. Family

    Meet the B. Family

    5-023 web

    We’ve shared many great memories as families, and I’m so thankful our paths crossed in life.

    I took a stroll down memory lane to dig out this photo. How much stuff do two families need to bring for a day at the beach?  Apparently, this much….

    Family Beach Day 2008
    Family Beach Day 2008

    They’ve also been great sports when I get bored and want to do a creative shoot simply for the fun of it.

    ttd17a web
    Trash the Dress Creative Shoot

    It’s been almost two years since we met (on toboggans) for photos, and I was excited to capture their beautiful family once again. If you have the good fortune of spending any amount of time with them, you will see a lot of laughter, love, and fun within this family.  Yup, they’re amazing (and wildly entertaining I must say)…

    5-039 web

    5-042 web

    5-051 web

    5-012 web

    5-028bw web

    5-063bw web

    Back in 2007, I took this photo of Rob and Michelle….

    0__199 2007 web

    We thought it would be fun to reproduce it…These two just get better as the years go by.

    5-083bw web

    5-073 web

    5-079 web

    5-103 web

    5-100 web

    Thanks for the fun afternoon mini-session. As always, it was a pleasure.

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    Christmas Cards 2011

    I loved designing each of these Christmas cards, and I can’t wait to see them filled with photos from this year’s sessions.

    To submit your order, please contact me at admin [at] christinehopaluk [dot] com or go to the contact section found in the menu above.

    Please add the details of your order:

    1) The card number you would like to use (card #’s are listed below each card).

    2) The file number(s) of the photo(s) you would like used in the design.

    3) The amount of Christmas cards you wish to order.

    The samples can be customized with your choice of text and the placement of photos can be changed to better suit your photos. Once I have the details of your order, I will design your card and send a sample back to you for your approval.

    Once I have your approval, I will send your cards to print. Easy Peasy 🙂

    All the designs below are one-sided 4×8 cards and they are $2.50 each (includes envelopes).

    The deadline for card orders is December 5th. Order soon to ensure you get your Christmas cards out in time!

    Christmas Card 1 Sample
    Christmas Card #1 Sample
    Christmas Card 2 Sample
    Christmas Card #2 Sample
    Christmas Card 3 Sample
    Christmas Card #3 Sample
    Christmas Card #4 sample
    Christmas Card #4 Sample
    Christmas Card #5 Sample
    Christmas Card #5 Sample
    Christmas Card #6 Sample
    Christmas Card #6 Sample
    Christmas Card #7 Sample
    Christmas Card #7 Sample
    Christmas Card #8 Sample
    Christmas Card #8 Sample
    Christmas Card #9 Sample
    Christmas Card #9 Sample
    Christmas Card #10 Sample
    Christmas Card #10 Sample
    Christmas Card #11 Sample
    Christmas Card #11 Sample
    Christmas Card #12 Sample
    Christmas Card #12 Sample
    Christmas Card #13 Sample
    Christmas Card #13 Sample