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    School Photos with the G. Family 2011

    It’s that time of year again…the month of school photos. This amazing family¬†happen to be my neighbours, and I was excited to photograph them again.

    I see them often around the block, but I never paid attention to how tall they’ve grown since our last school photo session.

    3-007 web

    3-012 web

    3-017 web

    3-025 web

    3-029 web

    3-039 web

    Yup, you are a good looking family! See you around the block neighbours ūüôā

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    Chasing Cassey

    It was just a year ago when Cassey came over to smash a cake for her first birthday, and now she’s two and on the run! ¬†She pauses briefly when something catches her eye, and just when you think she’s going to slow down, she runs faster.

    She’ s completely and utterly adorable.

    2-103 web

    2-136 web

    This time around, we did a family session. Cassey is one lucky little girl to have such an adoring family who can’t get enough of her. She’s surrounded by a lot of love.

    2-014 web

    2-022 web

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    2-037 web

    2-040 web

    2-046 web

    2-074 web

    2-077 web

    2-113 web

    2-119 web

    2-216 web

    Cassey was completely entertained by fluffy cat tails…

    2-183 web

    2-185 web

    2-189 web

    2-192 web

    2-197 web

    and equally entertained by a pile of leaves ūüôā

    2-255 web

    2-263 web

    You have a beautiful family! Thanks for the fun evening!


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    Cake Smashing with Shy

    Meet the L family.

    4_-007 web

    They are very dear friends to our family. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing their maternity session, and baby Shy’s newborn session. ¬†Yesterday on Shy’s first birthday, after a quick series of family photos, they celebrated one amazing year of oh-so-loved Shy with a cake smashing session. How did a year go by so fast?!

    4_-002 web

    4_-009r web

    4_-017 web

    4_-026 web

    4_-047 web

    4_-056 web

    4_-070 web

    Onto the cake smashing!

    ¬†We started out with one of Shy’s newest loves…the sucker.

    4_-097 web

    4_-111 web

    Time to bring her beautiful cake out, made by Once Upon a Cake in Leduc.  It was so much fun watching her enjoy her cake.

    4_-088 web2

    4_-117 web

    4_-118 web

    4_-137 web

    4_-141 web

    4_-145 web

    4_-156 web

    4_-159 web

    4_-161 web

    4_-169 web

    4_-170 web

    4_-191 web

    4_-200 web

    Happy first birthday sweet Little girl!

    Lots of love,


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    Loving on Layla

    Meet the H. family…

    2-015 web

    2-143bw web

    2-242bw web

    She can also go from this….

    2-103 web

    To this….in a blink on an eye.

    2-104 web

    They are about to start the next chapter in their lives; Miss. Layla will soon be a big sister!

    2-212bw web

    2-039 web

    2-046 web

    2-058 web

    2-060 web

    2-086r web

    2-095r web

    2-118 web

    2-126 web


    2-175 web

    2-200 web

    2-252 web

    2-266bw web

    2-234bw web

    2-190bw web

    It was so great to see you all again. I can’t wait to meet the newest addition. You are blessed. ūüôā

    Love, Christine

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    The A. Family in Autumn

    Meet the A. Family.

    0-009 web

    They also happen to be my neighbours. ¬†Living two doors down from this amazing family, I know they are a family full of love and laughter, and to be able to document their amazing family connection was an honour. ¬†They shared with me that it’s been at least 10 years since their last family photo. ¬†A lot of growing happens in that amount of time! I was excited for them…they will now have ¬†family photos after 10 years, taken during the most vibrantly beautiful time of year! ¬†Oh how I love Autumn.

    As you can see, they are a fun family…

    0-014r web

    0-022 web

    0-036 web

    0-050 web

    0-064 web

    0-074 web

    At one point they thought it would be fun to climb a tree for photos, but the girls quickly decided that wasn’t a wise idea…

    0-081 web

    0-085 web

    0-089 web

    0-094 web

    0-103 web

    0-105 web

    0-113 web

    0-116r web

    0-127 web

    As we ended our session together, I left with a “see you around the hood”. ¬†Seriously neighbours, I look forward to seeing you! You are an amazing family.

    Thank you for the fun evening! And Julie, I loved that you randomly broke out into a song from the Sound of Music.

    Cooo, cooo! ūüėČ Love it!

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    The M. Family’s Love

    Meet the M. Family.

    4-095 web

    When I first moved to Leduc, I was fortunate to meet Jackie through a local Mom’s group. ¬†She’s an amazing woman, and I’m so thankful our path’s crossed in life. ¬†She handles the role of Mom with a lot of laughter, patience and love. I have so much respect for you Jackie, love ya!

    It’s been a honour to photograph her family as they have grown over the years. Their family is filled with an immeasurable amount of love and¬†respect.¬†Last year we met to celebrate Brynn’s first birthday with a cake smashing, and now she out-runs her sisters.

    4-068 web

    4-030 web

    4-040 web

    4-056 web

    4-002 web

    4-010 web

    4-101 web

    4-061r web

    4-108 web

    4-120 web

    4-138 web

    4-148r web

    Rylee was excited to find her very own spot for a photo…

    4-162 web

    4-152 web

    4-153 web

    4-155 web

    4-081bw web

    4-202bw web

    4-184 web

    Thank you for the fun evening!  You are so blessed, and the best part about your family is that you know that!

    Love, Christine