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    Six Years of Photographing the S. Family

    Meet the S. Family.

    6-032 web

    I love spending time with this special family. We go way back…we grew up in the same home town and spent our school years together. I have many childhood memories of Merrilyn; giggling in school hallways and skating on the pond just steps from her home for her birthday parties.  And now we meet for photos on the same week-end in September for the past 6 years and talk about our own kid’s venture to school.  It’s been a year since I’ve seen the kids, and what a difference a year makes.

    Little D. is a big boy now and wow can he run. He’s full of energy and determination.

    6-093 web

    Miss B. is a sweetheart.  She is tender, full of imagination, and has the BEST infectious giggle.

    6-151 web

    6-067 web

    6-090 web

    6-120 web

    6-124 web

    6-104 web

    6-048 web

    6-195 web

    6-007 web

    6-034 web

    6-132 web

    6-061 web

    6-202 web

    6-207 web

    6-222 web

    We picked the same location as last year’s session so we could reproduce this photo from one year ago:

    5-445 web2
    6-229r web

    I love that they have a visual story of one year’s growth within their family.

    It was so good to see you again!


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    The G Family’s Love and Gratitude

    Let me introduce you once again to the G. Family.

    9-157 web

    I’ve photographed this loving family many times over the past three years as their lives have grown in love and gratitude.  It’s always a pleasure!  Every time I photograph them, I leave with a full heart and a big smile. They are amazing.

    The girls are so sweet together, and their close sisterly bond is beautiful.

    9-015 web

    9-016 web

    9-018 web

    9-078 web

    9-082 web

    9-129 web

    9-097 web

    9-041rbw web

    9-161 web

    9-162 web

    9-170 web

    9-176 web

    9-211 web

    9-222 web

    9-264 web

    9-237 web

    9-259 web

    9-241 web

    9-287bw web

    Thank you once again for asking me to document your family story. It’s an honour!

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    Sawyer is Two!

    Meet Sawyer.

    8-026bw web

    It’s been a year since he smashed a cake in the park, the very same park we met when he was a newborn.

    And now he’s two. Full of spirit, curiosity, laughter, and energy. He’s quite the talker now! I was shocked when he ran up to me and said “Hi Christine!” He’s such a sweetheart.

    8-028 web

    8-033 web

    8-046 web

    8-049 web

    8-079 web

    8-095 web

    8-102 web

    8-136 web

    8-149 web

    8-158 web

    8-163 web

    8-188 web

    8-201 web

    8-216 web

    8-221 web

    8-232 web

    I love that his shoelaces are untied in the photo below. It accurately depicts exactly how much energy he has…he runs his laces loose.

    8-294 web

    8-269 web

    8-274 web

    8-259bw web

    Happy birthday little man! Thank you for a fun evening!

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    The K. Family One Year Later

    Meet the K. Family.  It’s been a year since our last session together.  One of my favourite parts about being a family photographer is that I’m asked to document a family’s story and so much changes in just a year. The kids grow in size and personality and their parents fall even more in love with each of their amazing little personalities.

    These girls pack a lot of personality in their small frame.

    3-017 web

    3-024 web

    3-013 copy

    3-014 copy

    3-056 web

    3-044 web

    3-033 web

    3-039 web

    3-042 web

    3-085 web

    3-087 web

    3-092 web

    3-011bw web

    3-115bw web

    3-120bw web

    3-128 web

    3-145 web

    Ava had an idea for the end of our session to dress up as pirates. She has a vivid imagination and her parents foster her great imagination with confidence and love. Perfect. Thank you for the entertaining evening!

    3-160 web

    3-164 web

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    Jayden’s Cake Smash

    I haven’t seen Jayden since I took his newborn pictures.

    2-003 web

    At just 10 days old, he was already full of personality and now that he has turned one (just yesterday), his personality has grown right along with him.

    3-259bw web

    3-006bw web

    3-050bw web

    3-082bw web

    3-030r web

    Jayden Collage web

    Onto the cake smashing!  The fabulous cake was supplied by Fuss Cupcakes. So delicious!

    3-157 web

    3-167 web

    And this is the moment Jayden decided he didn’t like the feeling of icing on his skin…

    3-179 web

    3-192 web

    3-201 web

    3-218 web

    3-236 web

    3-244 web

    3-275 web

    3-291 web

    3-293 web

    3-321 web

    3-334 web

    At some point in every cake smashing session, there is a break down when enough is enough…

    3-343 web

    3-302bw web

    It’s his birthday, he can cry if he wants too…

    Happy Birthday Jayden!

    Thank you for coming over and smashing a cake! It was so good to see you all again.