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My Beautiful Sister Roxanne

Meet my talented and beautiful sister Roxanne.

Rox-048 web

Roxanne was in need of some updated headshots for her business. She is the owner of “Right at Home Redesigns” based out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Another great love of Roxanne’s is Theatre and she continues to direct productions and instruct drama courses, so we wanted to capture a variety of headshots that would serve dual purpose for both of her passions.

I’m so proud of my sister: an interesting, creative, devoted, and lively woman who is faithful and kind to her core.

She’s had a profound impact on who I am today.  At a very early age, she introduced me to the arts, and I fell in love with a world of colour, expression, creativity, and thinking outside the box. Without her influence, I don’t think I would have found the world of photography that encompasses much of the same elements as does design and her world of theatre. Thank you Roxy.  I owe you so much.

Not long ago, I wrote a blog post about Roxy on my “Reclaiming Life” blog:

Rox-067 web

Rox-046 web

Rox-059 web

Rox-079bw web

Rox-040bw web

Check out her website if you want to update and transform your living space.  She’s a decorating genius! 🙂

Right at Home Redesigns:

Thank you for the honour of taking your photos Sis! xoxo

Love, Chrissy

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