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    Shannon and Tim’s Connection

    My passion for photographing Connection Sessions comes from a place of understanding and respect.  Many couples that have been together for years don’t have many photos taken of just the two of them…especially when kids come along. Life turns into the hectic pace that comes when a family grows, and the photos they have to look back on are often snapshots during family vacations and while attending various functions. Of course those photos are as precious as any other, but Connection Sessions are all about capturing the love that grows between couples through out the years.  That deepening love is something to cherish and celebrate.

    I want you to have photos of the Connection that lies between just the two of you.

    Because it’s important.

    It’s the foundation for the life you have built together.

    This is Shannon and Tim’s Connection. They have been in love for 10 years, and will soon be celebrating their 8th Wedding Anniversary in November. Congrats!

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    I’m so thankful I was able to get the above photo out of my head and into an actual image…it’s been in my head for months. 😉

    Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your Connection. It’s full of love, respect, and laughter.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Chasing Anthony and Alex

    A few years ago, I met a kind and friendly girl named Christa.  She’s one of the most genuine women I’ve had the fortune of meeting.  I had mixed feelings when she made the announcement they were moving to Ontario…sad to see them go, but also happy for them as they moved for a great career opportunity for her Hubby. Lucky for us, she comes back to Leduc to visit friends and family.   It was during this latest visit that we met up at the park so I could photograph her beautiful boys Anthony and Alex.

    1-050r web

    Anthony is on the move.  He rarely stops. He doesn’t walk often…in fact he runs. Walking is for rookies. 😉  I chased him the entire time.  He’s such a spirited and lively little guy.  About the only time he stopped running was to show me his “peek-a-boo” game with his blanket.

    What a sweetheart!

    Anothony Collage web

    Alex has such a great personality, he chatted my ear off! He also loves getting his photo taken, which made my job really easy.   He’s a great caretaker of his brother. He keeps a close eye on him.

    Alex Collage web

    This week-end also happened to be Canada day.  Alex was pretty excited about that…

    1-013 web

    And Anthony was excited about pine cones.

    1-155 web

    And completely mesmerized by sticks and bubbles as well…

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    1-346 web

    Bless his heart, Alex tried to catch a bubble for quite a while.

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    Thanks for squeezing in the photography session while you were down for a visit. It was so good to see you again!

    Love: Christine