• Grad

    It’s Graduation Day!

    Meet Brittany.

    4-012 web

    She’s graduating today!  She also happens to be my neighbour, the baby-sitter to my children, and the beautiful daughter of my dear friends Michelle and Rob.

    4-162 web

    4-002 web

    Brittany is an amazing girl, with a generous nature and a great sense of humour.  She’s an athlete as well…one of the strongest girls I’ve ever met.  She has a big heart and a confident attitude to match (which is one of my favourite things about Brittany!)

    She makes a beautiful grad.

    4-019 web

    Her friends (with matching names) joined in for a few photos…

    4-063 web

    4-067 web

    and then we were off to location #2 where more friends joined in and the Limo arrived to drive them in style to the graduation ceremonies. I was excited to see another one of my neighbours, Samantha (dressed in two-tone blue). It’s been amazing to watch her grow up as well into a beautiful young woman.

    4-082 web

    4-089 web

    4-095 web

    4-099 web

    4-111 web

    4-123 web

    4-078 web

    4-126 web

    4-134bw web

    Congratulations Grads! As I post this, you are enjoying your Grad. Your future is so bright. Enjoy every minute of it!

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    Beautiful Julie

    Meet Julie.

    1-019bw web

    Julie is a fabulous hair dresser. I first heard about Julie while I was taking family pictures for my neighbour Amanda. As I walked up to Amanda for her photography session, the first thing I noticed was her fabulous hair. I said to her, “I must know who did your hair. Dish it.” and she replied “The best hair dresser I’ve ever been to, her name is Julie”. Ever since that session, I’ve been sitting in Julie’s chair with a cup of coffee in one hand and a magazine in the other, trusting her with my hair and talking her ear off.  Seriously kudos to Julie, my hair has a life of it’s own (and it’s a crazy fuzzy life)…finger snaps and a head bow to you.  When I leave the salon, I secretly wish Julie could just do my hair everyday…she’s a hair genius.

    I trust her with my fuzzy hair, and I was so happy when she trusted me to capture her beauty.  She honestly doesn’t even realize just how stunning she is (which is another reason why I enjoy her so much). My favourite part about Julie, is her sweet & modest nature.

    She’s a stunning woman who’s so down-to-earth, personable, and kind.  When I told Julie that I would be donating her session fee towards our Team Hope for the Leduc Relay for Life, she generously donated over and above her session fee to support our cause to fight back against cancer. Thank you!

    If you need an amazing cut and colour,  book an appointment with Julie Anderson at Melange Salon & Spa. Click HERE to visit their web page, and then book an appointment, you can even book online by clicking HERE!  Your hair will thank you.

    1-100 web

    1-087 web

    1-089 web

    1-080 web

    1-045 web

    1-035r web

    Thank you for the fun evening Julie!  You are beautiful, both inside and out.

    P.S. Excuse me for almost passing out when that bird aggressively swooped in at me. Lucky for me I wasn’t standing on my ladder. 😉

  • Children

    Back to School

    I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to visit a few schools within the Wetaskiwin Regional Public School division to capture some updated photos which will soon be featured on their website and publications: http://www.wrps.ab.ca/home

    Thank you Sherry Knull for guiding me through the schools and doing such a great job of co-ordinating all the different times to visit each school.

    I’m thrilled they gave me permission to blog a few photos from my time at the Millet School.  As I drove up, I fell in love with the Millet School building, so rich in history. If these walls could talk! I can only imagine how many kids have started off their education there since 1930. Amazing.

    Millet School web

    I also fell in love with these funny, bright, charismatic, loving (I could go on and on)  group of kids who showed me all sides of their personalities.  I had so much fun with them.  I think they were excited they were allowed to play in the hallways while class was still in session. 😉

    WRPS-414 web

    WRPS-419 web

    WRPS-421 web

    WRPS-424 web

    WRPS-384 web

    WRPS-397 web

    We headed outside on what turned out to be the windiest of days. They didn’t seem to mind…

    WRPS-434 web

    WRPS-442 web

    WRPS-456 web

    Of course a session at the school wouldn’t be complete without the yellow school bus, brings back so many memories!

    WRPS-502 web

    Bus Collage web

    WRPS-515 web

    WRPS-512 web

    Thank you for the opportunity to capture your shining students. I loved every minute of it. It was a walk down memory lane, and I even got a few hugs from the kids after (and I didn’t even have to ask!)

    I left the Millet school, and travelled home to pick up my own children from their school.

     What I took away from my time at the various schools, was an even greater appreciation for the hard work all you tireless and dedicated teachers and staff put in day after day. Thank you for all you do for our children! You are amazing. Much respect!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Camping with the B. Family

    Meet the B. Family. I just love this family. They are soon going to trade in their status as a “family of 4” to a “family of 5”.  When you go from two to three kids, it’s lots of fun as you now have more kids than hands.

    But luckily this couple make a great team so I’m sure it will be a seamless transition.

    3-150 web

    The kids took a break from running at the park just long enough to squeeze in this session while we camped together on May Long Week-end.  I clicked one of the first photos below and much to Noah’s frustration, we weren’t done there (a boy needs his park time!)

    3-013r web

    The last time I took photos of the kids, Miss Mayah (with a little help from Noah) smashed a cake for her first birthday…or rather she daintily picked fondant flowers while Noah ate them.

    He’s just as enthusiastically loving to his sister now as he was two years ago….

    2__044bw web

    However, Myah has now found her voice…

    3-209bw web

    3-220bw web

    3-038 web

    3-087 web

    3-103 web

    3-124bw web

    3-133bw web

    3-159bw web

    3-161 web

    Noah has the sweetest disposition.  He played for hours with my daughter and was her little caretaker, always making sure she was having fun…such a softy.

    3-184 web

    Myah has already picked out names for her baby brother or sister.  I believe she said “Bria” for a girl or “Daily” for a boy.  She’s so imaginative!

    3-193 web

    3-034 web

    Becker Collage web

    3-272 web

    3-280 web

    Becker Collage2 web

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for your family.  I can’t wait to hear if it’s a girl or a boy, and I think you should go with Myah’s name choices.  😉

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    Welcome Baby Brynn

    Remember this couple?

    M-121bw web

    They both thought they were having a boy, and to their surprise they were blessed with the sweetest baby girl they named Brynn.

    Brynn Collage web

    Can you believe all that hair!

    B-060 web

    As I was taking pictures of the three of them, I had to choke back tears.  They love that exists between them is amazing to see. I remembered back to the time when they first met and we teased Megan and Brad that they would one day get married and have many babies.

    B-185bw web

    B-165bw web

    Mom had to work hard for her little girl, she was in labour for over a day. As Megan starred down in awe at Brynn, her tiny fingers wrapped around her own, she softly said to me “She was worth it.”

    B-248bw web

    B-044 web

    B-080 web

    B-162 web

    B-190 web

    Baby sneezes…there is nothing cuter than that.

    B-001 web

    B-226 web

    B-228 web

    B-110bw web

    There is something so special about the first family photo, sitting on the steps of baby’ s first home.

    B-275bw web

    Brynn Collage2 web

    Congratulations, I’m so happy for you! Thank you for the honour of capturing this amazing time in your lives. Brynn is a very lucky little girl to have the two of you as her parents.


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    Danielle Marie’s Story

    Meet Danielle Marie.

    king-184 web

    Danielle is a talented music artist, on her journey to releasing her first single,”If I Die Young” which will be available next month. You can contact daniellemariemusic@gmail.com for details about where to buy her music.  Although they are still adding finishing touches to the single, they’ve given me permission to share a preview. Click here to listen to “If I Die Young”, the song which lends to the story behind our photo session.

    I first met Danielle years ago, although she was too young to remember. As a little girl, she used to go to the same daycare as my son did back in our home town Vermilion. This week, when I met her once again, I was immediately taken by her charm, stunning elegance, and the confidence she exudes. Not only is she beautiful (both inside and out), she’s also incredibly talented too.

    king-107 web

    king-114 web

    king-147 web

    king-187 web

    king-244 web

    king-196 web

    king-282 web

    king-272 web

    king-354 web

    king-165 web

    king-323 web

    king-326 web

    king-330 web

    king-387 web

    king-411 web

    Congratulations Danielle Marie! Reach for the stars beautiful, your future is bright.