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    Megan and Brad’s Connection

    A few years ago, at my hubby’s company Christmas party, I met Megan and Brad. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, the Company Christmas Party was their first “date” (is that right Megan?).

    Back in 2008, I knew that I wanted to build on the idea that was in my mind for years…Connection Sessions.  While it’s certainly not an original idea, I knew early on that it was the direction I wanted to take in my photography because the connections we all share with those we love are so beautiful! I put out an open invitation asking friends to be my models for this theme and Megan volunteered her and (her then boyfriend) Brad. It was the very first “Connection Session” I did, and when I think back to that time, Megan and Brad really helped me develop the type of photography I wanted to explore.  Thank you so much!  Click HERE to go back to 2008.

    Fast forward to 2011, they are now married and about to welcome their first baby.

    M-214bw web

    I feel a lot of responsibility when I shoot a maternity session to accurately document the very best of the life they have built together.  Here’s the way I approach it. I’m only with the parents-to-be for an hour or two, but these photos are a record of this amazing time in their lives. These photographs document the anticipation, the love, and the dreams they share before even meeting their baby.  Their baby will grow up and look back at these photos and see how much they were cherished before they were even born. There’s where the responsibility on my part comes in! It’s my goal to document this connection in a way that one can feel it when they view the photos, because it’s so beautiful and it’s uniquely their own!  It’s not just a connection Brad and Megan share between the two of them, but one they also share with their baby who they will soon hold in their arms and love more than they ever thought possible. It’s what life’s all about.

    There are few surprises in life, but Megan and Brad will soon experience the ultimate surprise. They have no idea if they will be welcoming a baby girl or a boy.  So exciting!

    M-057 web

    M-019 web

    M-099 web

    M-114 web

    M-121bw web

    M-183bw web

    This row of trees beside their house, will most certainly be a great place for their child to play and explore one day.  I can almost picture it. 🙂

    M-228 web

    M-202 web

    Megan’s due date falls on Easter week-end.

    M-220 web

    M-249bw web

    M-270 web

    M-306 web

    M-334bw web

    M-340bw web

    A love letter from Mom…

    M-387bw web

    Congratulations Megan and Brad!  I can’t wait to hear if it’s a girl or a boy.  Thank you for braving the cold.  The fact the sun made an appearance for you after weeks of hiding is a sign of amazing sun-shiny moments for you as a family.