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    Christmas Photos with the H. Family

    This was my first time meeting the H. family.  The kids came over for Christmas photos, and as I opened the door, they greeted me with big smiles and lots of talk.  Love it!

    Aren’t they cute?!

    0-234 web

    0-015 web

    0-059 web

    They are polite and full of life & love for one another.   It w as a challenge getting them all together in one frame as baby K. is on the move, but I love the playful interaction between the three of them.

    0-097 web

    0-110 web

    The photo below makes me smile….

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    0-126 web

    0-151 web

    0-159bw web

    0-169bw web

    Pure bliss…

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    0-212 web

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    0-042bw web

    The best part of Christmas is being together as a family, and this family has a lot to be thankful for. Your kids are beautiful, you are so blessed. 🙂

    Thanks for coming over and spending the morning with me.

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    An Update on my Boggle from my Dad

    So in true Ralphy-ism (he messes up words all the time…it’s so funny), my father has asked me to update my “Boggle” with news regarding his health.

    He chose to go with the surgery rather than the radiation, and his surgery is scheduled for January 5th, in Edmonton.  The Doctor wants him to undergo surgery as soon as possible and January 5th was the earliest available date…unless they have a cancellation.  He was told the type of Prostate cancer he has is fast-moving. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

    He also wanted you to know that his cattle drive went “101%”. He has never had this much help with a cattle drive in all of his life and he’ s very thankful.

    So from our family to yours, thank you so much for all the messages of encouragement, support, and most of all your prayers.

    It’s a great reminder of the strength of the human spirit and how friends and family are always there for one another to lend support and a helping hand.  Life is good my friends.  Give your loved one a hug right now, and tell them how much they mean to you.  Life is precious and the love within a family is a gift.

    A special thank you to Jason Robertson and Bill Walls who are raising funds and growing a mean Moustache for Movember in the fight against Prostate Cancer.  If you would like to make a donation, just click their names.


    About Movember: The Fight Against Prostate Cancer

    In this month of Movember which is devoted to Prostate Cancer awareness, my Dad is gearing up to Kick some serious Cancer Butt. :)

    From my heart to yours,


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    Christmas Cards 2010

    I loved designing the 2010 Christmas card collection and look forward to seeing the cards filled with photos I have taken this year!

    If you see a card you like, please contact me at admin [at] christinehopaluk [dot] com with the card number and the file numbers of the photos you would like to use or go to the contact section found in the menu above to submit your order.  The samples can be customized with your choice of text and the placement of photos can be changed to better suit your photos.

    Below each card is the sizing information.  This year all cards are 4×8 sizing and are $2.50 each (includes envelopes).

    The deadline for card orders is December 5th. Order soon to ensure you get your Christmas cards out in time!

    If you see a card you like from last year’s designs, you can certainly order one of those card options as well.  Please specify 2009 designs when ordering your cards.  Click HERE to view last year’s Christmas card collection.

    Christmas Card1 web

    Above: Christmas Card #1.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

    Christmas Card2 web

    Above: Christmas Card #2.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

    Christmas Card3 web

    Above: Christmas Card #3.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

    Christmas Card4 web

    Above: Christmas Card #4.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

    Christmas Card5 web

    Above: Christmas Card #5.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

    Christmas Card6 web

    Above: Christmas Card #6.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8
    Text reads: “May the Christmas season fill your home with Joy, your heart with Love,  & your life with Laughter”

    Christmas Card7 web

    Above: Christmas Card #7.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

    Christmas Card8 web

    Above: Christmas Card #8.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

    Christmas Card9 web

    Above: Christmas Card #9.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8
    The text above is customized for the blessings of a new baby; however, the text can be changed to the greeting of your choice.

    Christmas Card10 web

    Above: Christmas Card #10.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

    Christmas Card11 web

    Above: Christmas Card #11.  One sided printing. Size: 4×8

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    Sunshine for the S. Family

    The S. Family has good weather luck.  I have taken their family photos every two years since I first moved to Leduc.

     The very first time I took their photos back in 2006, we were blessed with a sunny +7 December day.  In 2008 we met on a sunny +18 October day.  This year, we were blessed with a +16 day in November!  How amazing is that for Alberta?!  I love me some delicious sun-flare and there was no shortage of sun-flare to be captured in this session. 🙂

    They are a fun family and Mom and Dad’s connection with their outgoing beautiful kids is very clear to see if you have the fortune to spend any amount of time with them.

    3-050 web

    3-061bw web

    Meet A. and R.  They are hilarious…and full of life and personality! Love it!

    3-010 web

    3-019 web

    3-077 web

    3-080 web

    3-091 web

    The shot below was one that the kids really wanted me to take a picture of.  Love, love, love

    3-030 web

    3-112bw web

    3-187bw web

    3-158bw web

    3-194 web

    3-191 web

    3-262 web

    I love taking photos of couples that have been together for awhile. They have been married for 16 years!  So often when kids come along, couples forget to get pictures of just the two of you. It’s a connection that deserves to be documented through photos and celebrated! Congrats on 16 years of marriage you two (and a special shout out to C. for such a great smile in this one)

    3-299 web

    3-247 web

    3-203 web

    3-255 web

    3-233 web

    3-169 web

    3-179 web

    I have been obsessed with silhouette photos this year!  Autumn skies are so beautiful, as are the families set against the sky. 🙂

    Thank you for meeting me for photos again…see you same time two years from now (you can order the weather).

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    Prayers Please

    When an event happens that shakes you to your core, you remember what you were doing at that exact moment.

    I was editing a photo of a Father cuddling his children when my Mom called to tell me that my Father had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  My mouth dropped open and time stopped. I asked her to repeat it as there was no way my vivacious, talkative, charismatic Father could have cancer…this just couldn’t be happening.

    Yes, it was true.  I called my Father and we talked and we cried.  As soon as my hubby got home from work, I drove home to Vermilion as I needed to see him and he’s only a couple of hours from me. The next week I met up with my Mom, Dad, and sister at the Hys Centre so my Dad could have a bone scan to see if the cancer had spread beyond the prostate. Our family came together and for those sisters (there are 6 girls in my family) that couldn’t make the trip for the appointment, we texted back and forth through out the day.  The wait for the results seemed like an eternity, but I am so happy and thankful to tell you that the cancer did not spread to his bones.

    This week, he is seeing the doctor to discuss where to go from here.

    So with the permission of my Dad, I am posting this to ask for your prayers as he undergoes treatment for prostate cancer.  He is such a strong man, but he needs support and prayers.

    This summer I wrote a post about my Dad.  Give it a read if you have time and you want to put a face to his name…Ralph Dicke.


    I will leave you with a favourite song of Dad’s. It’s also fitting that this version is by Johnny Cash.  My Dad reminds me of Johnny Cash and he loves his music.

    Amazing Grace

    Thank you so much for your support and understanding at this time. If I have failed to reply to an e-mail in the last little while, I apologize, my mind has been else where.

    From my heart to yours,


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    The G. Family’s Connection

    Meet the G. Family…who are soon going to welcome another baby into their family. They are a family full of love, patience, and respect. I love taking their photos. Their connection is always so visible and we are so comfortable with one another.

    7-120 web

    I have had the pleasure of taking photos of the G. Family many times now.  So much so, that they can read me!  I was setting up the following series of shots and asked if they could move to the driveway as I loved the texture of the stone.  Tony sat down and said “Do you want us to sit or stand” to which I said “Which ever you prefer”. He quickly followed with “You wanted us to stand, I can read you now!”  Ha!  I’m glad he chose to sit as I love how these photos turned out.

    7-108bw web

    7-116bw web

    7-021bw web

    7-155 web

    7-166 web

    7-182 web

    7-186 web

    7-209 web

    7-232 web

    Sierra has the bluest eyes, she’s so adorable.

    7-322 web

    She also has a new pooch!  I loved that he jumped into the frame in this photo…totally not planned.

    7-356 web

    7-394 web

    Since the time Sierra was born, she sucked on her two fingers.  These are details that need to be captured so they will be remembered.

    7-435 web

    7-460r web

    7-533 web

    7-543 web

    7-555 web

    7-570 web

    7-575 web

    7-600 web

    7-637 web

    7-643 web

    7-652 web

    7-657 web

    Thank you for inviting me out to your home.

    I can not wait to meet your miracle, and I’m sure Sierra will be an amazing little playmate.  Hmmm…will baby be a boy or girl, that is the question!