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    Awkward Hugging a Magician, Babies, A Puppy, & a Few Photogs

    Last week-end I met up with a few fun-loving Photographers for a yearly get away.  Day one was met with a Magician who, within a few minutes of meeting him, I knew that I wanted to awkward hug when he was ready to leave.  An awkward hug is a hug that goes on waaaay too long, until it in fact becomes awkward.  When they try and pull out of the awkward hug, you just hug tighter and maybe even rest your head.  Think like you are drowning, and the recipient of the awkward hug is your life preserver.

    Anywhoooo…it’s always amazing to meet up with other photographers to get a different perspective on life and all things photography related.  We laughed, we cried, we drank us some wine, and we had no shortage of things to shoot.  Hope brought her puppy Ruby, and Laura Jane brought her squishy cuddly baby Mabel.  Most of the entertainment from the week-end was a product of Ruby and Mabel trying to figure one another out.

    DLS-183r web

    DLS-186r web

    DLS-139r web

    DLS-131r web

    DLS-164r web

    DLS-218r web

    DLS-247r web

    DLS-261r web

    On day 2, Hope brought in some surprise guests…the sweetest little 3 week old baby girl and her proud parents.  Our challenge was to each take turns taking pictures of her but we couldn’t duplicate one another’s poses.  On top of that, we were only allowed to bring one lens with us for the week-end.  I was thankful I chose my 50mm F1.4 (although a wide-angle would have been fun too) I pulled number 1 out of 7 in the shooting order, so I didn’t have to worry about duplicating.  I have to tell you however, that it was a bit unnerving taking pictures first, while 6 photographers who’s work I respect and admire watched over my shoulder!  What a gift for baby W.’s parents, to have 7 different perspectives of their little miracle.

    Here’s what I saw in my 10 minutes with precious baby W.

    DLS-004 web

    DLS-009bw web

    DLS-018bw web

    DLS-024bw web

    DLS-027 web

    DLS-035 web

    DLS-040 web

    DLS-043 web

    DLS-047 web

    DLS-059 web

    DLS-071 web

    DLS-077 web

    Thank you so much Mom and Dad for sharing your beautiful bundle of joy with all of us.  You are blessed.

    If you have some time, check out the perspective of the other photographers that were there.


    Laura Jane





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    With Love & Light

    Meet Sarah Lynn

    2-099 web

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sarah Lynn for quite a few years now.  She has the most gentle and calming presence. She needed a few updated professional and personal photos and I was all to happy to capture her.  She is passionate about helping others move forward.  She is a Certified Angel Practitioner and offers Angel Readings, Theta Healing, Spiritual Mediumship Readings, and many other services as well.

     Check out her website HERE.  I find her work so interesting!

    This ring carries with it special meaning for Sarah Lynn. She told me she always wears it whenever she does a reading.

    2-118 web

    She most definitely embodies her tag line “With Love & Light”.

    2-182 web

    2-082 web

    2-164 web

    2-222 web

    Thank you so much for spending the morning with me Sarah Lynn.  It’s amazing to see someone so passionate and dedicated to their chosen path.  Well done my friend!

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    Cassey Smashes a Cake

    Meet Cassey.

    0-028 web

    0-042 web

    Isn’t she adorable?  Although it’s not quite her birthday yet, she came over to celebrate her first birthday a little early by smashing a cake.

    Penny Zulke made a fabulous two tiered cake for the occasion. What an amazing cake in honour of the soon-to-be birthday girl.  Thank you Penny!

    0-018 web

    As soon as Mom put Cassey down, she went straight for it.

    0-047 web

    Her Mom (who also comes from the same hometown as me…Vermilion) told me that Cassey loves pushing buttons. Since the cake was polka dotted, she focused most of her energy on pressing each little dot.

    0-048 web

    0-077 web

    0-087 web

    0-080bw web

    0-107bw web

    I’m not sure what she was thinking here…maybe “Do you expect me to eat this whole cake by myself?!”  She did more playing with the cake than actually eating it!

    0-093 web

    0-095 web

    0-125 web

    Grandma was also there to lend a helping hand…

    0-133 web

    0-139 web

    0-130 web

    0-150 web

    0-161 web

    0-180 web

    0-192 web

    Sometimes cake smashings end in tears when the birthday girl has had enough.  This particular cake smashing ended with flying cake. 🙂 Thanks for coming to play Cassey!  Happy early birthday sweet girl!

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    Sweet Love for a Little Girl

    It was only a month ago when I took pictures of a beautiful couple who were filled with excitement and anticipation for life’s next amazing step.

    They welcomed into the world a beautiful baby girl just a few days ago…Miss. Shyanne (who, by the way, is already a Colts fan)!  She’s ready and outfitted to watch her first game on Sunday. 🙂

    2-007 web

    2-010 web

    2-021 web

    2-213 web

    When they asked me to take pictures when she arrived, I knew I wanted to visit their beautiful home for the session.  When the day of the session finally arrived, I made my way to their house thinking of all the images I wanted to capture. When I walked into the front doors, I was immediately overwhelmed by the love I witnessed.  They are completely head over heels in love with Shyanne, but they are also so thankful and amazed by the miracle that is Shyanne.  Any preconceived images I had in my mind, went out the door and I just clicked away as I watched their devotion for their perfect little miracle.  The session was two hours of adoration and the awe that comes when you witness a new life. The session just evolved so naturally…complete with this little moment with their original baby Duke.

    2-331 web

    2-325bw web

    Shyanne is one loved little girl.  Her parents can’t get enough of her.  Mom told me that Dad is a natural with babies, and he’s a baby whisperer.  I suggested he offer his baby whispering services to others, he could call it “Little Manny”.  ha!

    Seriously though, it was a true honour to be a part of these moments we captured together. Thank you so much.

    2-033bw web

    2-238bw web

    When I was taking this picture above, she whispered to Shyanne “Do you know how precious you are?”  I teared up behind my lens. It was so beautiful.

    2-058 web

    2-060 web

    2-264 web

    2-204 web

    2-210 web

    2-293 web

    2-352bw web

    2-167bw web

    2-116bw web

    2-177 web

    2-128 web

    2-311 web

    2-368 web

    2-386 web

    2-350 web

    Congratulations! She is simply amazing.

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    Thankful for Family

    Happy Thanksgiving!  On a week-end devoted to giving thanks and spending time with family, it was fitting that I was asked to take family photos of our family!

    Meet the O. family!

    3-040 web

    Little K. is surrounded by love.

    She has a special bond with Grandma and Grandpa.  They adore her!

    Since I last took photos of K., she has grown so much and is now on the run!  She doesn’t stay in one spot for very long.  She does however, stay still long enough to dish out some sweet kisses before toddling away to explore her surroundings. She’s such a sweetheart.

    3-091 web

    3-097 web

    3-181 web

    3-135 web

    3-142 web

    3-143 web

    3-148 web

    3-161 web

    3-191 web

    3-210 web

    3-216 web

    3-289 web

    3-324 web

    3-371 web

    3-332 web

    3-276 web

    3-414 web

    Happy thanksgiving, it was so nice to see you!

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    Cake Smashing with Cameron

    Meet Cameron.

    0-036 web

    He’s one!  Along with his sister, he came over to smash a cake to celebrate his first birthday. His birthday was actually the beginning of September, but he came into the world 5 weeks early.  The day we did this cake smashing, was a year to the day of  what should have been his scheduled C-Section.  🙂

    Meet his big sister Emma.

    0-003 web

    She is a real care-taker to Cameron.  Her eyes light up when she interacts with him and she’s so gentle and loving. It’s amazing to see such a close connection between siblings that are a few years apart.

    0-013 web

    0-033bw web

    Onto the cake smashing!  Cameron’s Mom made the cake, and she did a wonderful job. Such a great keepsake for Cameron to be captured through photos.  Nice work Mom!

    0-042 web

    0-053 web

    Cameron was impressed as well!

    0-063 web

    It took him awhile to figure out that he was allowed to touch the cake!  He took his time before digging in, he circled the cake a few times.

    0-070 web

    I love that you can see their personalities come out in how they choose to smash the cake. Cameron was quite deliberate and enjoyed every bite with cute expressions in between.

    0-087 web

    0-091 web

    0-098 web

    0-099 web

    0-104 web

    0-109 web

    0-119 web

    0-130 web

    0-132 web

    0-140 web

    0-154 web

    0-168 web

    0-188 web

    Happy birthday Cameron!  Thanks for the fun morning!

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    School Photos with the G. Family

    It’s that time of year again…school photo time!  This good looking family also happen to be my neighbours.  They are polite, kind, and they always smile and wave when I see them. 🙂

    They’ve grown a lot over the last year since last halloween when we met for school photos.

    2-041 web

    2-007bw web

    2-024bw web

    2-032bw web

    and we can’t forget their dog Max…he’s an important part of the family.

    2-037bw web

    2-049 web

    2-065 web

    Their Mom wanted to capture each of their favourite sports. I thought it was a great idea!   Time goes by so fast, and it’s important to capture the things that are a valued part of growing up.

    2-105 web

    2-100 web

    2-123 web

    2-132 web

    2-157 web

    2-140bw web

    2-114 web

    Thanks for spending the evening with me.  🙂