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    Proud & Powerful: A Mother’s Connection to her Daughters

    Meet Donna…

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    She is a proud Mom to Natasha and Sheena.

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    I was so excited to capture a Mother’s connection to her Daughters. Let me tell you that their connection is so much fun!  They laugh non-stop when they are together.

    It was an incredible experience to listen to the many stories shared between these amazing women and to witness first hand their strong bond full of love and strength.

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    Their connection is one of laughter, strength, pride, power, and most importantly an endless amount

    of love, respect, and adoration for one another.

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    This final picture was one where I asked them to write a statement that speaks of who they are as women.  I love the words they chose, they are so true of the three of them…I saw this clearly in our short time together.

    Thank you so much for spending the evening with me.  Donna, you did an amazing job of raising your daughters and the relationship you have is one I hope to have with my own daughter.  You women are amazing (and proud and powerful)!

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    Running with the G. Family

    Meet the G. family.

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    I have taken their family photos for a few years now and I have to say once again that I can’t believe how quickly kids grow up over one year!

    I took E.’s one year photos back in May and at that time she wasn’t quite on the run yet.  Let me tell you that she is one busy little girl now! She is so curious about her surroundings and she doesn’t stay still for very long.  She spent a lot of time picking rocks and moving them from one spot to another.

     We all just followed her around, she had us on the run throughout the session. She’s such a sweetheart.

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    Big sister J. is also full of energy and is all too happy to talk and talk and talk as long as you’ll listen.  I love the way she says my name before she has something really important to tell me.  So cute!  She also happens to give THE BEST hugs.  The picture below was her idea…

    Gardiner Hug

    The bond between sisters is something to be cherished.  They have many years ahead of making forts out of blankets, playing with barbies, splashing in puddles with their rubber boots on, and riding their bicycles down sun-kissed sidewalks.   How lucky they are to have one another!

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    5-017 web

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    5-152 web

    It rained right up until 10 minutes before the session was to start…and then the skies cleared and the sun made an appearance. I’m a sucker for sun-flare!

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    Thanks for spending the evening with me!  You have a beautiful family!

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    The S. Family in Sunny September

    Meet the S. family.

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    This is the 5th annual family photo session together and we were blessed with the most beautiful evening full of sun and beautiful fall colours!  We are from the same home town of Vermilion, and it’s always so good to catch up with them as their family grows.  Merrilyn is one of those friends that it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since we have seen each other, we just pick up where we left off.  Love it!

    Last time I saw little D. he was just a tiny baby, and now he’s on the move and almost walking.  One thing that I noticed while taking pictures of D. is that he does the cutest little gesture with his lips.

    5-179bw web

    5-356 web

    His favourite saying at the moment is “what’s that”.  He says it so clearly, and then he makes that little face. How cute is that?!

    5-341 web

    5-351 web

    5-360 web

    Miss B. has also changed over the past year.  She’s sprouted up!  She is still highly inquisitive and wildly imaginative.  She likes to know the why’s, the how’s, and the when’s.  She is so smart!  While we went for a little walk into the “berry fort” together, she asked question after question. She has a smile and laugh that is highly contagious!  She’s such a doll.

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    Thanks for spending such a beautiful fall evening with me!  It was so good to see you again…see you same time, next year (but hopefully we will get a visit in before then!)

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    Pure Family Gold

    Meet the W. Family.

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    They haven’t had family photos taken for 10 years.  TEN YEARS!!!  I was very honoured to be the one to capture their family story.  I just fell in love with the personalities of all the kids…as represented in the series of photos below.  Makes me laugh out loud…Love it!

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    Pure. Family. Gold!!!

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    Kids web

    I have to tell you these kids have amazing manners.  They are so friendly and polite!  After the session they were going out for supper, I held back the urge to invite myself because I had so much fun with them.  ha ha!

    0-139 web

    0-245 web

    The W. family is full of love and laughter.  There is nothing better than that. You are so blessed!

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    Thank you so much for asking me to take your family photos. I had an amazing time with all of you. Seriously, made my heart full.

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    Celebrating Sawyer with a Cake Smash

    How fast a year can go by! Meet the birthday boy Sawyer who has graced the blog as a precious newborn, a wide-eyed 3 mo. old, a lucky 6 mo. old, and a curious 9 mo. old.

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    We met for an outdoor cake smashing!

     Big sister Addison was the most excited!

    6-051bw web

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    6-126 web

    Thank you Penny Zulke for making the fabulous cake!  Sawyer’s eyes lit right up when he saw it.

    6-128 web

    6-133 web

    6-137 web

    6-148 web

    6-157 web

    6-169bw web

    6-175 web

    Sawyer took his time eating the cake while Addison waited patiently off to the side.  Once Sawyer got a little overwhelmed, Addy was right there to help a brotha out!

    6-200 web

    6-222 web

    6-224 web

    6-273 web

    6-276 web

    6-302 web

    6-329 web

    6-389bw web

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    6-061bw web

    Happy Birthday Sawyer!  You are one adored little man. I have loved photographing your changing personality over the past year.  Looking forward to more!

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    Lollipops and Fox in Socks

    Meet the K. Family.

    2-261bw web

    2-297 web

    Helena is also a photographer. Taking pictures for another photographer is important because they rarely have pictures of themselves as they are always behind the lens.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve taken their pictures and I can’t believe how the girls have grown!

    2-081 web

    2-084 web

    2-087bw web

    2-043 web

    They have such funny little personalities.  What I’ve noticed when I’ve photographed this family is how Mom and Dad love watching their girls and they can’t help but laugh at every cute thing they do.

    Their family time is full of laughter and love. They are very connected to one another.

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    2-203 web

    2-152 web

    2-093 web

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    Reward time…Lollipops and their favourite book “Fox in Socks” (which is a tongue twister to read…hats off to Dad!)

    2-426 web

    2-442 web

    2-444 web

    2-394 web

    Thanks for spending the evening with me!

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    Char & Barry’s Connection

    Oh how I love capturing the love and connection between couples.

    Meet Char and Barry.

    0-281 web

    I feel very fortunate to have been asked to capture their amazing connection, especially at this important stage in their lives.  In a few weeks (or less) they will be parents and I know they will give the same unlimited amount of love to their little girl as they have for one another.  They are such a fun couple.  If you were to pass by either of them, they would most certainly be wearing a smile.  There is nothing better in a marriage then when you can make one another laugh on a daily basis, and Char and Barry have found that.  That’s the foundation for a lifetime of happiness my friends. 🙂

    0-228 web

    After the session, Barry said to me… “Isn’t my wife the most beautiful woman in the world”.  Yes, she is.

    0-137bw web

    The way they look at one another makes the heart full. Love, love, love.

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    0-146 web

    As I was following them to the location Char had chosen with the help of her Dad, I saw this amazing old shed in the middle of a wheat field. I actually said out loud “please be the location” and wouldn’t you know it, it was.  I am in love with old buildings and fields ready for harvest.  Char told me this old shed was one that her Dad used to play in as a child.  Amazing!

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    0-116 web

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    0-375 web

    0-353 web

    0-355 web

    0-329 web

    0-296 web

    0-244 web

    0-337bw web

    Congratulations my friends!  I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby girl!

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    Welcome Baby Jayden

    Remember my beautiful friend Jill from this maternity session?  On August 31st, Jill and Cory welcomed into their hearts a beautiful 9 pound, 13 oz. baby boy Jayden Taylor.

    2-030 web

    Jill was overdue, and we weren’t sure if I would have to digitally change the words on this picture to September, but thankfully for overdue Mom Jayden made it by the last day of August.

    M-388 web

    I love how they named Jayden.  Jill was told by her doctor that she would never be able to have children. For unrelated reasons, she later decided to try a Chinese Medicine Practitioner named Dr. Jay, and was told that it could also aid in fertility.  Three months after seeing Dr. Jay, to her surprise she found out she was pregnant.  In loving memory of Jill’s Mom Denise, they mixed Den with Jay…and his first name became Jayden.

    As for his middle name?  Cory told me that at the time when they were trying to come up with name, the Edmonton Oilers were deciding between Taylor and Tyler for their draft picks.  They liked both names, so they decided they would let the Oilers pick the middle name based on who they chose for the draft pick. Taylor it is was.  Welcome to the world Jayden Taylor!

    2-201bw web

    2-087 web

    2-148 web

    Jayden is such a good baby!  He’s 10 days old now, and his range of expressions is adorable. I just love him!

    2-003 web

    2-018 web

    2-013 web

    2-140 web

    2-109 web

    2-093 web

    And this is what Relaxed looks like…

    2-224bw web

    2-239bw web

    2-256bw web

    2-268bw web

    2-254 web

    Congratulations my friends! I’m so so happy for you!

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    Kissing Frogs with the B. Family

    Meet the B. Family

    0-225 web

    J. and O. are adorable!  They are full of energy and curiosity.  To see the world in a new light, all you have to do is spend time with preschool kids.

    0-021 web

    0-147 web

    0-162 web

    0-260 web

    0-247 web

    As I was taking pictures through out their session, I saw so much love within this family.

    Mom and Dad make a great team and their love for one another is plain to see.

    I love taking pictures of married couples.  So often married couples don’t get pictures together once the kids come along. Focus quickly shifts to all things kids, but the love that grows between couples through out a marriage is beautiful! The type of love where you can finish each other’s sentences, and truly value the time you get together as life is so busy. Love, love, love it 🙂

    0-297 web

    0-278 web

    0-287 web

    0-429 web

    0-311bw web

    0-309bw web

    The kids found a frog and J. decided that if her brother would just kiss the frog, he would turn into a “princess”.

    0-324 web

    0-335 web

    0-153bw web

    J. kissed that frog over and over! It was so funny!

    0-368 web

    0-123 web

    0-079 web

    0-030 web

    0-037bw web

    This final image, is one that captures what parenting young kids is all about…where a kiss from Mom and Dad can make anything better.

    0-222 web

    Thank you so much B. family for spending the evening with me!  You have a beautiful family…you are very blessed.

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    My Kids

    Meet my kids.

    10-150 web

    Tyler is 13, Lucas is 8, and Tessa is 5.  Please note her Hello Kitty socks.  It was very important to her that you be able to see them in the photos.

    As a photographer, you may think taking pictures of my own kids would be like any other session.  I’m going to tell you it’s a lot like trying to staple jello to a wall, it’s quite difficult.  They are so used to Mom with her camera…an extension of my arm.  If I wanted to capture frame after frame of my kids looking away from the camera and not even in the same frame (as they don’t stay still long enough)…it would have been no problem. Midway through our little photography session, I realized I morphed into the sideline Mom as well as photographer (mostly sideline Mom) yelling out bribes between frames along with “These are MEMORIES kids…please, for the love of chocolate, SHOW SOME LOVE TO EACH OTHER!”.  I may have to seek out one of my photographer friends to do the job next year! 🙂

    Every Mom thinks their kids are THE BEST, but I just want to share with you what makes each one of my kids special to me.

    This is my oldest son Tyler.  He’s going to be 14 next month.

    10-061bw web

    He’s a teenager now.  This fact still hasn’t sunk in yet.  To me he’s still the talk-your-ear off little boy who was like my shadow.  For 5 1/2 years it was just me, Tyler, and my husband in our little family.  My hubby worked away a lot, so Ty and I spent a lot of time just the two of us.  He was (still is) such a social child.

    I remember years ago during our family holidays we would rent a cabin.  My sister’s and their families also rented cabins beside us.   I would put Ty to bed for the night, and my sisters would quietly come over to my cabin after all the kids were tucked in and sleeping, and with the first noise Tyler would scream “Who’s There! Tell me who you are! Come poke your face in my room so I can see who you are!”  When I had friends over to my house, Tyler would coax them into his room, shut the door, and block it while he scream/sang “Jeremiah was a Bull frog, was a good friend of mine” (Joy to the World by Three Dog Night).  He made them sit in his room and listen to the entire song before he released them.

    He’s a sensitive soul, has the spirit of a leader, and has a wicked sense of humour.

    10-064 web

    10-054 web

    This is my son Lucas.  He’s 8.

    10-020bw web

    He’s also a people person.  He’s very soft-hearted and definitely marches to the beat of his own drum.  He’s mechanically inclined too.

    From the time he learned to walk, he had this desire to go exploring.  He used to stack stools, toys, whatever he could to reach the lock on the door to go outside. He figured out how to open a deadbolt along with an additional door lock when he was just one.  I had to get an extra lock installed at the very top of the door to keep him from going outside alone (that’s three locks on one door!)

    He has so much energy. He’s a morning person. He bolts out of bed like a jack-in-the box ready to take on the day.  He has a soft spot in his heart for animals and for kids younger than he is. He’s a natural caretaker, and if we go to the park he usually seeks out a toddler to help down a slide.

    10-014 web

    10-010 web

    This is Tessa.  She’s our baby and will soon turn 6.

    10-026bw web

    10-021 web

    Tessa prefers peaceful quiet to busy and loud.  She can play on her own for hours and she is wildly imaginative. She’s already decided she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  She loves animals, especially our dog Teddy.

    Tessa is also tender-hearted.  She feels not only sympathy for others, but also empathy.  If she sees someone hurting, she’s the first to offer a big hug.  She asks A LOT of questions…about everything and anything. I recently took her for a hair cut, and it ended up taking 45 minutes because she asked the hairdresser questions the ENTIRE time.  “What’s that thingy over there?  How long have you had those flowers? I gave my Mom a flower once but it died and she put it in the garbage. I like your necklace.  Do you like my necklace? I have a dog named Teddy. He chews my toys. I can jump REALLY high. I have a friend named Zoe at school and she has glasses”  and on and on from there…(you get the idea).

    Tessa is so loving.  I love that about her and often all she needs to turn her day around is a hug or a cuddle on my lap.  We have this little game we play.

    I start with “I love you Tessa.”

    Tessa: “I love you more.”

    Me: “I love you to the moon and back.”

    Tessa: “I love you to infinity”

    Me: “I love you infinity plus one.”

    Tessa: “I love you infinity plus infinity…I win”

    Me: “You couldn’t possibly love me more than I love you…”

    Tessa: “Your the best Mom I’ve ever had”

    Me: “Your the best daughter I’ve ever had”

    Tessa: “You look beautiful today…now aren’t you going to say something nice about me?!”

    10-036 web

    10-035 web

    10-028 web

    She also just learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. She’s so proud!

    10-085 web

    My kids LOVE riding their bikes, so getting a picture with their bikes was a must.

    10-113bw web

    10-120bw web

    10-106 web

    10-154bw web

    At times when I realize how fast my kids are growing up, I get a little panicky.  It’s a reminder to slow down and rather than worry about the person they will become,  instead invest time in learning who they are now.

    It’s easy in the stress of one of those “I need a dozen cupcakes for school by tomorrow” kind of days to forget how blessed I am to have three amazing, unique, beautiful children.  I love you to the moon and back!

    I stumbled across this poem the other day that touched my heart…

    “Just for Today”
    by Sally Meyer

    Just for this morning,
    I am going to smile when I see your face…
    and laugh when I feel like crying.

    Just for this morning,
    I will let you wake up softly in your flannel p.j.’s…
    and hold you until you are ready to stir.

    Just for this morning,
    I will let you choose what you want to wear…
    and I will say how beautiful you are.

    Just for this morning,
    I will step over the laundry to pick you up…
    and take you to the park to play

    Just for this morning,
    I will leave the dishes in the sink…
    and let you teach me how to put your puzzle together.

    Just for this afternoon,
    I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off…
    and sit with you in the garden
    blowing bubbles.

    Just for this afternoon,
    I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you
    scream and whine for the ice cream truck…
    and I will buy you one, if he comes by.

    Just for this afternoon,
    I won’t worry about what you are going to be
    when you grow up…
    I  will simply love you for the joy you bring me

    Just for this afternoon,
    I will let you help me make cookies…
    and I wont stand over you . . .  trying to ‘fix things.’

    Just for this afternoon,
    I will take you to McDonald’s and buy us both a ‘Happy Meal’…
    so you can have two toys.

    Just for this evening,
    I will hold you in my arms and tell you the story of how you
    were born…
    and how much we love you.

    Just for this evening,
    I will let you splash in the bathtub…
    and I won’t get angry when you pour water over your sister’s

    Just for this evening,
    I will let you stay up late…
    while we sit on the porch swing
    and count all the stars.

    Just for this evening,
    I will bring you glasses of water…
    and snuggle beside you for hours…
    and miss my favorite t.v. show.

    And tonight when you are sleeping safe and warm in your bed,
    I will think of the mothers and fathers
    who mourn for the children they have lost.

    I will remember the parents who sit by hospital beds,
    watching over the little ones they love.

    I will weep for those parents whose children are cold,
    hungry and suffering,

    and …. this evening,
    when I  kneel down to pray,
    I will simply be grateful for all that I have

    and not ask for anything…

    except  just one more day.