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    Cake Smashing with Caris

    Meet Caris.  She has amazing cheeks! Isn’t she adorable?

    0-011bw web

    She’s turning 1 in a few days!  To celebrate the event, she came over for a cake smashing!

    Her mom made the cake and what a beautiful cake it was!  I am so impressed with your cake making skills Carmen. Can you believe this is the very first fondant cake she’s ever made? Amazing! 🙂 Even though the cake gets smashed, it’s such a treasured keepsake for Caris…captured in photos. Nice work! I have to tell you Carmen, motherhood looks stunning on you.

    0-008 web

    0-036 web

    Caris is just learning to walk.  She’s almost there.

    Onto the cake smashing!  The best thing about cake smashings is that you really get to see their personality come out in how they smash the cake. Caris took her time before she sampled the cake. It was like she understood how much time and work her Mom poured into that beautiful cake.

    0-047 web

    Don’t you just love her Sumo Wrestler pose?

    0-052 web

    0-053 web

    0-058 web

    0-059 web

    0-061 web

    0-068 web

    0-077 web

    0-082 web

    0-104bw web

    0-124bw web

    0-158 web

    0-165 web

    0-168 web

    0-173 web

    0-186 web

    0-197 web

    Happy Birthday sweet Caris! Thanks for the entertainment!

  • Spirit Sessions

    Sarah’s Spirit

    Meet Sarah. She’s simply stunning.

    S-093 web

    “Your Spirit” sessions are a celebration of who you are…right now at this stage of your life.  Sarah just turned 30 and wanted to celebrate this next stage with a photo shoot.  How amazing is that!?

    You can’t tell through these pictures, but Sarah sports an English accent. Everything she says sounds fancy! 🙂

    On a personal note, I have to tell you how I met Sarah.  She used to live in the UK and along with her husband, daughter, and a son on the way, they bravely decided to pull up roots and move to Canada.  I was part of an online group for individuals who were new to the Edmonton area.  Sitting in her home in the UK, Sarah googled “Online Mom Groups in Edmonton” and happened upon the same group I was part of  (which our friend Tawny moderated) and we “met” there countries apart.  So yes it’s true we “met online”.

    When I first met Sarah face-to-face I immediately loved her.  She has a heart of gold. She is soft-hearted, kind, silly, fun, cheeky, welcoming without judgement, and carries with her an infectious zest for life.  She has a laugh and smile that transfers to the people in her presence.  She’s one of those people that is a giver of energy.

    Since we’ve met, I have watched an amazing transformation within Sarah over the past 2 1/2 years that brings a smile to my face.  Since moving to Canada, she has welcomed a beautiful baby boy to their lives, has continued to foster the curiosity and bright spirit within her daughter, and is a great strength of happiness and support to her husband. She’s a treasured friend.  She has recently gone back to work as a hairdresser and let me tell you, she is wicked at what she does!  She has a real talent for bringing out the confidence in her clients.

    Amy and I were so excited to capture her spirit. She exudes a vintage vibe with a modern flare.

    A little background over the theme behind her photo shoot…The suitcase and train tracks symbolizes the journey she has been on which honours her routes but also holds so much possibility for her bright future.  This is also the reason for her choice of wardrobe…It’s a mixture of old and new. Past and Present. Honour and Promise.

    Without further ado…this is Sarah’s Stunning Spirit.

    S-039 web

    S-138 web

    S-187 web

    S-172 web

    S-238 web

    S-269 web

    S-294 web

    S-310 web

    S-332bw web

    S-366bw web

    S-392bw web

    S-361 web

    S-348 web

    S-387 web

    S-377 web

    S-433 web

    S-471 web

    S-399 web

    And one last one that shows her fun side when a farmer happened upon our little photoshoot…

    S-319 web

    Thanks Sarah…to steal one of your sayings “I Loves Yer Heaps Sweet Pea”. XOXO

    To view Amy’s capture of Sarah’s Spirit, visit her blog post HERE.

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    Freckles and Cheeks

    Meet the P. family.

    0-204 web

    They were in need of some family photos, and I happen to take family photos…so it was a match!

    They have an amazing connection.  I could feel the love and adoration for one another through out the session.  Makes the heart happy!

    Meet  J.

    0-314bw web

    0-317bw web

    Don’t you just love his freckles?!

    Meet his sweet sister A.

    0-025bw web

    She sports the BEST set of scushy (is that a word?) cheeks that you have to hold yourself back from pinching!

    0-019 web

    J. is so loving to his sister.  He is, and will continue to be in the years ahead, a great protector.

    0-067 web

    0-068 web

    0-112 web

    0-147 web

    0-152 web

    0-205 web

    0-166bw web

    0-138bw web

    0-267 web

    0-273 web

    0-240 web

    0-254 web

    0-331 web

    0-327 web

    Thanks for spending the evening with me and putting up with all those mosquitos!  🙂

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    What is Beautiful?

    What is beautiful to you?  It’s different for everyone.

    As a photographer I find beauty in love, in the strong bond of family, and within a person’s soul…the very essence that makes them who they are.  Beauty comes in all forms and to me has little to do with what is on the outside: shy, witty, outgoing, peaceful, kind, loving, powerful, reserved…it’s all beautiful.

    I recently read an article where a bride was told that her wedding wouldn’t grace the photographer’s blog because he only blogs “publicity worthy” couples. Are you serious?  I was so angry for her.

    Some of you know that I have two blogs. This one, and a blog called “Reclaiming Life”.  I haven’t shared my Reclaiming Life blog here, because it’s quite personal, but I’m going to now so you know where I’m coming from.

    Here’s my story of losing 90ish pounds.


    Through the years of losing the weight and to this day of keeping the weight off, I have learned…no I have fought to remember…that I am NOT defined by the clothes I wear, by what the scale says, or by how I age as I grow another year older and wiser ;).

    My laugh lines are here because I laugh.

    My stretch marks are here because I was blessed to have three amazing children.

    The dark circles that appear under my eyes is often because I stayed up late with friends laughing or because my kids were up in the night and needed me.

    The reason I have worn the same dress to the last few functions is because I detest shopping. My favourite dress is comfortable and I feel good when I wear it.

    I rarely wear heels because I am clumsy and I will fall in public.

    I often sport roots because I don’t have the time to spend three hours in a hair salon, but when I do go I love it and have a swagger in my step.

    Now…does that make me any less worthy than someone who is aesthetically more “Beautiful” by society’s standards?  Am I anymore worthy to grace someone’s blog at 150 pounds than at 242 pounds?

    I am the same person in so many ways, only now I don’t walk with my head down. I walk with my head up…shoulders back…and a smile on my face because I have found out who I am and I make no apologizes for it.  It’s not because I weigh less.

    I will blog every single person I photograph (unless it’s their wish that I don’t) because you are all beautiful and you are worthy to be celebrated just as you are.

    That’s it. That’s all.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Family Love & a Cake Smash

    Meet Brynn.

    3-221 web

    She just turned one!  She’s grown so much since I took newborn pictures of her!

    Meet her sisters…Madison

    3-176 web

    and Rylee…

    3-194 web

    She climbed a tree on our last family session too 🙂

    We first met for family photos before the big cake smashing in honour of Brynn’s first birthday.

    They are such a beautiful family full of love and laughter.

    3-035 web

    3-043 web

    3-039 web

    3-059bw web

    3-104bw web

    3-117bw web

    3-257 web

    Madison’s a little artist as well!

    Jackie, who I am also blessed to count as a friend of mine, makes the job of Mom to three girls look effortless.  Madison and Rylee wanted to take a few pictures with my camera, so here’s a little behind the scene’s look! 🙂 They are already little photographers!

    3-234 web

    Now onto the cake smashing!  Jackie made the cake. What a special memory to give to her girls!  Is there anything this Mom can’t do?!

    3-268 web

    3-281 web

    3-282 web

    3-285 web

    3-290 web

    3-309 web

    3-314 web

    Brynn’s patient sisters were waiting in the wings for a chance to join in!

    3-327bw web

    3-342bw web

    And to end it all…the token “I’ve had too much, I’m overwhelmed, come save me” cake smashing shot…

    3-351 web

    Happy birthday Brynn!

    Thanks for the fun!
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    Cake Smashing with Sierra

    I have taken pictures of Sierra a few times since she came into the world.  She turned one a couple of days ago!  Where did the time go?

    6-029 web

    6-031 web

    6-036 web

    To celebrate her birthday, she came over to smash a cake. 🙂 Thank you to Penny Zulke for once again creating a beautiful cake.

    6-011 web

    Sierra loved it!  She was very focussed on eating all the pretty flowers.

    6-066 web

    6-082 web

    6-094 web

    6-102 web

    6-113 web

    6-121 web

    6-150 web

    6-163 web

    6-168 web

    6-171 web

    6-185 web

    6-198 web

    6-200 web

    At some point in every cake smashing, the birthday babe gets a little overwhelmed…

    6-206 web

    But, the look she gave her Mom when she had enough was priceless!  Baby stink eye…

    6-208 web

    Happy birthday sweet baby girl!  Thanks for spending the morning with me.


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    Welcome Baby Evan

    Meet Anna.

    2-008 web

    2-007 web

    2-051 web

    It’s been two years since I took her pictures and has she ever grown up!  She still makes me smile. 🙂  She’s such a character!  She’s also a big sister now to the sweetest little boy named Evan who is just two weeks old.

    2-173 web

    She’s a very proud big sister.

    2-024 web

    2-025 web

    What a beautiful family…

    2-039 web

    2-040bw web

    2-147bw web

    2-150 web

    2-136 web

    2-075 web

    2-093bw web

    2-103bw web

    2-107 web

    Evan has the longest toes!  So cute!

    2-216 web

    2-238 web

    2-035 web

    Congratulations S. Family!  You are very blessed.  Thanks for spending the morning with me.

  • Maternity

    A New Chapter for Jackie & Kyle

    Meet Jackie.

    Jax4 web

    She’s a glowing mamma-to-be… such a beauty.

     She’s also my cousin.  As we visited at our family reunion, I decided we needed to do a little photo shoot together.  I didn’t really give her an option.  🙂

    You have to document these special moments in life…especially one as monumental as your first baby.  Congrats to you both.  I can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family.

    Jax1 web

    Jax5 web

    Jax9 web

    Jax6 web

    Jax8 web

    Jax7 web

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    My Amazing Grandma

    Meet my Grandma…Hazel Dicke.

    Grandma1 web

    I have dreamed about taking pictures of Grandma for a long time, but when we all get together…well, it’s rather hectic.  We have a very big family, and Grandma is most often in the centre of it all holding a baby, recounting fond memories of times past, or handing out her knitted treasures.

    Let me tell you a little bit about my Grandma.  She is kind…so very kind.  She is an unbelievably strong woman of great faith.  She lives her life for God and for others.  She has overcome obstacles during her 93 years with great dignity, pride, and with an immeasurable amount of strength.  She has done so with a smile on her face, love in her heart, and a spirit of joy and resilience.  She’s amazing.

    During the 100 year celebration of the farm, it was my mission to steal Grandma away for a little photo shoot.  It almost didn’t happen as the program ran well into the evening. But just as the sun was setting over our family field of green, we had a few minutes together for photos.  I’m so very thankful for that.

    My cousin Kevin picked out the chair that he thought most screamed “Grandma”.  Good choice Kev, it’s a very “Grandma” chair.

    Grandma5 web

    Grandma2 web

    Grandma3 web

    Grandma4 web

    Grandma6 web

    Grandma7 web

    After our little photo shoot, Grandma was in a hurry to get back to the family to give out her hand knitted wash clothes.  I’ve never seen her more proud than she was at the reunion.  She’s a very special woman to so many of us.

    Grandma9 web

    Grandma web

    Grandma8 web

    Grandma12 web

    Grandma with her twin brothers

    Grandma11 web

    Grandma and her kids. Missing from the photograph is my Aunt Marion who is in Africa and my Aunt Lorraine who passed away.  Missing you both so much.

    The row of trees in the background is the old homestead that is now 100 years old.  When my Grandmother first moved there, there were no trees. It was a bare field.  She planted everyone of those trees.  It’s a homestead full of trees but most importantly great history and memories.

    Grandma10 web

    This final picture is the epitome of my Grandmother: Holding her Great Grandson Logan.

    I love you Grandma!  Thank you for passing down such an amazing legacy and for always being such an powerful example to all of us.

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    At the Farm with my Dad

    Meet my Dad…Ralph Dicke.

    Dad web

    I just returned home from family holidays.  The holiday started out at the farm where we celebrated 100 years of the farm.  It was a amazing week-end of stories, pouring over old photographs, and many laughs.

    As soon as I drove the gravel roads surrounding the farm a few miles south of Vermilion, Alberta, I realized how much I miss the peaceful place where I grew up.  I’m most definitely a farm girl at heart.  The peace and quiet, wide open spaces, fields of green and yellow, and the haze of dust that hangs in the air after a truck cruises by instantly puts me at peace. It’s an unspoken truth: as soon as you pull off paved roads onto gravel…you always wave at whomever you pass.  How great is that?!

    So, now let me tell you a little bit about my father.  He’s a talker.  He has this welcoming spirit and huge smile, and amazing laugh lines as a result.  I used to work at the Vermilion Town Office.  They told me that years ago they took a survey around town: “Do you know who your Town Councillors are?”  My Dad took a great majority of the vote.  He’s never been on Town Council.  He just loves to visit. 🙂  I love that about him.  My son Tyler recently took a trip to the grocery store with Dad. Ty told me it took them an hour to make it down two isles at the store because he knew everyone.  I replied: “Welcome to my childhood”.

    So here’s a few pictures that I snapped around the farm that I believe capture my Dad’s amazing spirit.  Love you Dad.

    Holiday-001r web

    Holiday-108r web

    Holiday-009r web

    Holiday-016r web

    Holiday-018r web

    Dad2 web

    Dad3 web

    Below: Dad is the second one in.

    Holiday-069r bw web

    Holiday-080r web

    Holiday-103r web

    Holiday-111r web

    Holiday-066r web

    Holiday-172r web

    Holiday-184r web

    Holiday-273r web

    Holiday-275r web

    Holiday-277r web

    Holiday-363r web

    This picture above reminds me of all the times Dad came in from the field with purple lips from all the berries he ate through out the day…he has his favourite Saskatoon bushes all around the farm.

    Holiday-1025r web

    A few of us 6 girls were in Sheep 4-H.  To this day, Dad attends the yearly Sheep 4-H sale and purchases a sheep.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence he chose this lamb to purchase as the girls are red heads…as are 3 of my sisters.