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    Renna’s 1 Year Cake Smashing

    Meet Renna and her big sister Maren.

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    In celebration of turning one, Miss Renna came over to smash a cake!

    Renna is such a sweetheart.  She’s a cuddly girl, and adores her Mom (who is stunning I might add).  They have such a beautiful connection.

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    Onto the cake smashing!  Once again, Penny Zulke did a fabulous job on the cake.  Perfect for a little star.

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    Renna’s face was just priceless when she figured out she was allowed to dig into the cake.

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    Time to call in reinforcements. Maren was all too happy to help…

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    Happy birthday Renna! Thanks for the morning of pure entertainment.

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    Lukey’s Locks

    Meet Lucas.

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    His parents call him Lukey Duke, which is funny because that’s also what we call our Lucas.

    Lukey’s Mom called me to see if I could take a few pictures of Lukey’s curly locks before he gets a hair cut.

    Aren’t his curls the BEST?!

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    Good luck at the barber shop Lukey Duke!  Keep a few curls 🙂

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    A Day in the Life of Maya

    Meet Maya.

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    It’s been a year since she smashed a cake as I clicked away and how she has changed.  For starters, she can talk now and she’s good at it!  I met with Maya’s family at their home to explore her neighbourhood of winding walking paths, natural parks full of birds and flowers, and even a forest within the city.

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    This is what it looks like to go for a “walk” with Maya….She’s fast.  Really fast.

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    She’ll stop on a dime when she sees something that interests her.

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    We reached our destination in the forest and wouldn’t you know it, the sky opening up and it poured.  We walked back in the rain, but Maya didn’t seem to mind at all.  In fact, she fell asleep on her Daddy’s shoulder just as the rain stopped and the sun rays kissed her sweet face.

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    We returned home to her house, and as her parents were deciding if they should lay her down for the night or not, she bolted up and started talking once again.  She was proud to show me her kitty.

    I think this picture should be called “Stare Down”

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    Thank you so much for showing me around your neighbourhood.  It was an amazing way to spend an evening.