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Leduc Relay for Life 2010

The Leduc Relay for Life 2010 was an amazing event!  It was the very first relay held in Leduc, AB. and the teams that participated raised over $78,321.00!!!  Not bad for the very first year!   My friend Linda Fipke and I took pictures through out the night (inspired by our photographer friend Hope Walls who does the same thing but on a much bigger scale for the Edmonton Relay for Life).  It was an amazing experience!  Aside from documenting the event with our beloved cameras, we were also part of “Team Hope”…a mix of crazy fun-loving chicks who sported pink shirts and feather boas.  Now, I have to tell you that I’m scared of feathers and gagged my way through putting the feather boa on..I opted for a feather boa belt.  There were feathers all over the walking route and in the girls bathroom it looked like there was a pink chicken on the loose.

Together, Team Hope raised just over $3,000!

Relay-364r web

If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in a Relay for Life which are held yearly across the country, I encourage you to get a team together and participate!  I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing the experience is from the start at 7 p.m. until the end at 7 a.m.  Among the teams, there are also amazing strong individuals who have survived cancer who proudly wear their yellow shirts like badges of courage and lead the Relay by releasing their yellow balloons to the sky and walking together in the first lap.

Relay-138 web

Relay-140 web

Relay-146 web

Relay-203 web

Relay-172 web

Relay-234 web

Relay-248 web

The gentleman who walked behind the strong woman pictured above told me he was walking behind with the wheel chair in case she needed support, however, he said that he was having a hard time keeping up with her!

Relay-187r web

Relay-197 web

After the first lap led by the Survivors, the rest of the teams join in and from that time on, someone from each team is on the track for the entire 12 hours.

Relay-297 web

Relay-298 web

Relay-387 web

Above: this was my view for much of the night…

Relay-396 web

Relay-417 web

Above: What a trooper this pooch was! He walked the track for most of the night!

Relay-420 web

Angels were also in attendance…

Relay-429 web

Above: This beautiful girl shaved her head the morning of the relay to show her support.

Relay-437 web

There are lots of activities to check out during the event as well…Live music, face painting, bingo, outdoor movies, massages for the relayers, food donated from businesses, and a bouncy house for the kids.  The volunteers for the Relay for Life do an outstanding job and put in countless hours preparing for an event as big as this.  Thank you to all the volunteers for the Leduc Relay for Life. You are amazing!

Relay-443 web

And this is why we walk…

Relay-444 web

Luminary bags line the walking route as a reminder of why we are walking.  By the time the sun goes down, the bags are lit and cast a beautiful glow to all those that walk the route.  Each bag signifies a special someone who has won, lost, or continues the fight with cancer.  When you see all the luminary bags lit, it takes your breathe away and it’s easy to remember why we have all come together to fight back.

I relay in Memory of my Aunty Lorraine.  Click HERE to read the “Why I Relay” post I wrote before the Relay.

Relay-500r web

“Team Hier Power” relays in memory of Jon. Their team raised over $10,000 in Jon’s memory.

Relay-543 web

Relay-509 web

Relay-475 web

Relay-519 web

Sometime during the night, the “Hope” luminaries pictured above turned into “Cure”.

Relay-522 web

Relay-560 web

By 7:00 a.m. the teams rallied together and walked one final lap after we honoured the shining stars of the event…the volunteers, and the top earning team of over $10,000 “Hier Power”.  Way to go!!!

Relay-566 web

Relay-577 web

The last picture I took marking the hour and gripping my precious Timmy’s cup!

Relay-589 web

Great job to all who participated in the Leduc Relay for Life.

We Celebrated…

We Remembered…

but most importantly..


All images above are copyright to the Canadian Cancer Society.


  • Kyla Feschuk

    oh wow Christine!

    Kudos to you and your team for such great fundraising for the cause. Absolutely beautiful photos – you should be proud.

    (& it seems that the weather at Leduc’s event was somewhat better than the weekend previous in Edmonton!)

    hope to see ya soon,
    K 🙂

  • Roxanne Dicke

    Congratulations on the run. I am so proud of you. What a beautiful and profound experience this must have been. Thanks for sharing…thank you and love to you.

  • Barb Jones

    Thank you ladies so much for being our official photographers!

    I am Barb, one of the two Leadership Co-chairs. The story you have wrote above with the pictures is wonderful. We can’t wait to have you back again next year with your team and cameras.
    You’ve even got a picture of my Grandpa Jones’ luminary above!

    The community really did pull together and made our first Relay For Life a huge success. We had so many wonderful volunteers, sponsors and an amazing committee that helped to get this event going. The teams that participated were unbelievable in their fundraising efforts, over $78,000!!! The survivors that came out were fantastic, so many wonderful people make me proud to call Leduc home!

  • ivana

    your pictures have captured the spirit of that evening! Beautiful and powerful. Can not wait to have the opportunity to do that again with you ladies. Thank you team HOPE for the amazing experience.

  • Julie-Anne Howe

    What a wonderful memoir of the Relay for Life. Thank you so very much for taking the time to come out and walk in addition to taking such beautiful, touching photos. I really appreciate it.
    Relay For Life Leduc Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Jean Carruthers

    Your pictures are so great and you ladies have such wonderful spirits and so much energy I would like to purchase some of your pictures as my camera went on the fritz. I was the person who spoke on behalf of the surviviors. I have been keeping pictures every year from Camrose so was so dissapointed I didint get some from this year. Thanks for everything you did for OUR relay.Love and God Bless all of you.

  • Christine Hopaluk

    Thank you! The Leduc Relay for Life was an amazing event, I can’t wait for next year! Thank you once again to the volunteers! Jean, the images are copyright to the Canadian Cancer Society. I will contact them and see how we go about getting you some photos!

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