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    Meet Hubert.

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    Hubert moved from Jamaica to Canada on June 25th, 1995. He told me that before moving to Canada, someone told him that Canadian winters are cold…like the inside of a fridge kind of cold. He quickly learned that Canadian winters have to be experienced to get the full effect of just how cold it really is here!  My hubby and I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica this past April.  We immediately fell in love with Jamaica.  I was so taken with the people of Jamaica. They are so friendly and have such amazing spirits.  Hubert is no exception.  He’s got this laid-back, welcoming, kind spirit that immediately put me at ease.  He has a smile and laugh that just makes you smile and laugh right along with him.  I had a great time taking pictures of him.

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    Hubert met his Wife Michelle a few years after moving to Canada and they have been married for almost 6 years (but together much longer).  Michelle is of Jamaican parentage but was born in England and moved to Canada where she grew up.   They say your heart lies where your home is, but after spending time with the two of them, I can tell you that their hearts also lie within one another.  They have a fun, flirty, loving connection.

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    Along with his adoration and love  for Michelle, Hubert also loves golf and his BMW.

    Nice ride “Sugar” (after trying a few different words, I found that “sugar” worked best to get a smile out of him.)

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    Sawyer’s 9 Months!

    Sawyer has been on the blog a few times now.  He’s 9 months old already!

    Nine months is a fun stage.  He has so much character.

    Everything that Sawyer touches, makes its way into his mouth.

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    He can stand up if you prop him up…

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    It won’t be long until he’s walking.

    When he was a newborn we took a picture in a wicker basket.

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    Look how he’s grown!

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    Of course we had to get a couple pictures of big sister Addy.  She is always on the look out for treasures…rocks, flowers, pine cones, anything really that lays on the ground in the great outdoors.

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    Happy 9 months little man, I’m looking forward to the cake smashing in three months!

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    My Beautiful Niece

    Meet beautiful Cheryl…

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    She also happens to be my Niece!  I was honoured to document this next step in her life.  In a month, they will be welcoming a little girl into their arms and hearts.  We are so happy for them!

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    She has such a beautiful fun-loving family.

    I laughed my way through their session.

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    On another note, this is what happens whey you scream the words “Jazz Hands” while clicking…

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    Congratulations Cheryl and Andrew!  I can’t wait to hold your little girl in my arms.  Love you!

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    Amber and Brody’s Connection

    I come from small town Alberta.  Vermilion to be exact.  I grew up on a farm, so our commute on the bus to school was a long one since we were dropped off after school last.  My sisters and I passed the time by visiting with our neighbour families…one of which was the Eyben family.  We spent years together on that yellow bus!

    Fast forward to today…one of the Eyben girls, Amber, is getting married and what a beauty she is!

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    Amber and her fiance Brody (and their beloved pooch Zeus) made the trip from Vermilion to Leduc for a Connection Session with me.  They are getting married this November after being together for 7 years. Congratulations!

    This is Amber and Brody’s connection…

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    Thanks for spending the evening with me!


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    The G. Family’s Love

    I’ve taken pictures of the G. family a few times now, and It has been amazing documenting their family as little S. grows bigger by the day!  She is soon going to be one (stay tuned for a cake smashing session in August)! I can not believe how this year has flown by, it seems like only yesterday I visited their home to take pictures of  sweet baby S. as a newborn.

    Their family has an amazing connection. Little S. is head over heels in love with her parents and likewise they can’t get enough of her.

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    10 years ago, they had this same picture taken at the same place.  What a great visual of how they have grown together in love and as a family.

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    A Mother’s Love…

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    Daddy’s little girl…

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    Thanks for spending the evening with me!  You made my heart so happy!

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    Leduc Relay for Life 2010

    The Leduc Relay for Life 2010 was an amazing event!  It was the very first relay held in Leduc, AB. and the teams that participated raised over $78,321.00!!!  Not bad for the very first year!   My friend Linda Fipke and I took pictures through out the night (inspired by our photographer friend Hope Walls who does the same thing but on a much bigger scale for the Edmonton Relay for Life).  It was an amazing experience!  Aside from documenting the event with our beloved cameras, we were also part of “Team Hope”…a mix of crazy fun-loving chicks who sported pink shirts and feather boas.  Now, I have to tell you that I’m scared of feathers and gagged my way through putting the feather boa on..I opted for a feather boa belt.  There were feathers all over the walking route and in the girls bathroom it looked like there was a pink chicken on the loose.

    Together, Team Hope raised just over $3,000!

    Relay-364r web

    If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in a Relay for Life which are held yearly across the country, I encourage you to get a team together and participate!  I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing the experience is from the start at 7 p.m. until the end at 7 a.m.  Among the teams, there are also amazing strong individuals who have survived cancer who proudly wear their yellow shirts like badges of courage and lead the Relay by releasing their yellow balloons to the sky and walking together in the first lap.

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    The gentleman who walked behind the strong woman pictured above told me he was walking behind with the wheel chair in case she needed support, however, he said that he was having a hard time keeping up with her!

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    Relay-197 web

    After the first lap led by the Survivors, the rest of the teams join in and from that time on, someone from each team is on the track for the entire 12 hours.

    Relay-297 web

    Relay-298 web

    Relay-387 web

    Above: this was my view for much of the night…

    Relay-396 web

    Relay-417 web

    Above: What a trooper this pooch was! He walked the track for most of the night!

    Relay-420 web

    Angels were also in attendance…

    Relay-429 web

    Above: This beautiful girl shaved her head the morning of the relay to show her support.

    Relay-437 web

    There are lots of activities to check out during the event as well…Live music, face painting, bingo, outdoor movies, massages for the relayers, food donated from businesses, and a bouncy house for the kids.  The volunteers for the Relay for Life do an outstanding job and put in countless hours preparing for an event as big as this.  Thank you to all the volunteers for the Leduc Relay for Life. You are amazing!

    Relay-443 web

    And this is why we walk…

    Relay-444 web

    Luminary bags line the walking route as a reminder of why we are walking.  By the time the sun goes down, the bags are lit and cast a beautiful glow to all those that walk the route.  Each bag signifies a special someone who has won, lost, or continues the fight with cancer.  When you see all the luminary bags lit, it takes your breathe away and it’s easy to remember why we have all come together to fight back.

    I relay in Memory of my Aunty Lorraine.  Click HERE to read the “Why I Relay” post I wrote before the Relay.

    Relay-500r web

    “Team Hier Power” relays in memory of Jon. Their team raised over $10,000 in Jon’s memory.

    Relay-543 web

    Relay-509 web

    Relay-475 web

    Relay-519 web

    Sometime during the night, the “Hope” luminaries pictured above turned into “Cure”.

    Relay-522 web

    Relay-560 web

    By 7:00 a.m. the teams rallied together and walked one final lap after we honoured the shining stars of the event…the volunteers, and the top earning team of over $10,000 “Hier Power”.  Way to go!!!

    Relay-566 web

    Relay-577 web

    The last picture I took marking the hour and gripping my precious Timmy’s cup!

    Relay-589 web

    Great job to all who participated in the Leduc Relay for Life.

    We Celebrated…

    We Remembered…

    but most importantly..


    All images above are copyright to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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    She’s Having a Baby!

    Meet my gorgeous friend Jill.

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    We go waaay back…back to our high school days at Caronport, SK.  I remember clearly the day we met.  She still carries with her that infectious giggle that I remembered on our first introduction.  I have so many great memories of our times at Caronport.  Little did I know as we spent hours giggling in our dorm room dreaming about what our futures would hold, that years later I would be taking pictures of my beautiful friend in all her pregnant glory!

    Jill and Cory are an amazing couple.  They laughed all the way through our session together. They are a great match, and he even supports her with reassuring words each time she screams there is a bee near her (or anything that flies and makes a buzzing noise for that matter).

    I can’t wait to meet this sweet little baby which will transform this amazing couple into a family.  I’m so happy for you my friend!  Love you!

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