• Grad

    Celebrating with the Grads

    After we took pictures with Marcus’ family, his friends started trickling in for pictures as a group.  Every time I clicked a few frames, there was a new friend joining the group.  What a great group they are!  They were a lot of fun and were so excited to be whisked away in their limo to the grad supper.   The parents stood in the background with smiles on their proud faces!  What an amazing milestone.

    Congratulations Grads!

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    Marcus Graduates!

    I was invited out to capture a very important milestone in Marcus’ life!  He graduated over the week-end.  We were hoping for good weather as 16 grads were coming after we captured the family pictures.  May long week-end has a history of unpredictable weather, and this May long was no exception!

    Thankfully, their family home has an amazing solarium full of beautiful trees and warm light to complement such a beautiful family.

    Congratulations Marcus!  The future is so bright for you!

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    Click HERE to see Part Two featuring 16 Grads!


  • Children

    Happy Birthday Emily

    Meet sweet Emily.  She’s turning one tomorrow!

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    She’s really good at puckering up, and is already a little gymnast.

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    Her sister Julia is so good with her.  She helped throughout the session, and at one point she showed me her sweet dance moves.

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    The girls both brought their cherished stuffies.  Emily’s stuffie’s name is Gordon.   Gordon was a gift from Julia to Emily when she was born.  Julia’s stuffie’s name is Colive.  Colive has undergone a huge transformation since our last session.  Colive is now a girl.  She/He’s formerly known as “Clive” the boy.

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    Emily already knows how to speak her mind as she demonstrated when Julia sat in her chair… 🙂

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    She enjoys playing peek-a-boo with Mom.

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    Happy Birthday Emily!  You are one loved little girl!

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    Cake Smashing with Layla

    Meet sweet Layla.  She is soon going to be one, and to celebrate she came over for a cake smashing!

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    Layla’s Mom and I go way back…back to the era when we sported fringed white boots and big hair.   She is such a great Mom and it was great to see her again.

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    The thing I most love about cake smashing sessions, is that each one is different.  You can see their personality come out in how they smash their cake.  Layla did more decorating, and rearranging than actual smashing and chose to use her foot to investigate the cake for most of it.  She is such a doll!

    She wasn’t so sure at first however….

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    Until we brought the cake out…Th ank you Penny Zulke for once again making a fabulously beautiful cake.

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    Ready to go!

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    Happy Birthday Layla!

  • Children,  Connection Sessions,  Family

    The M Family’s Connection Part Two

    Last year I documented the M. Family’s connection.  This year their family has grown by one little man who happens to be the spitting image of his older brother!

    I love connection sessions.  The focus is on the connection you have as a family and as a couple.  This special connection deserves to be captured and I feel so lucky to be able to document it for families and couples!

    This is the M. Family’s connection…

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    Family blanket fort 🙂

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    Amanda’s Mom and Sister were visiting so they were able to be in a few pictures as well.

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    Thank you for spending the evening with me!

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    Joy in the Little Things Part Three

    I find the most joy in life through my children.

    They make my heart melt.

    I love their sticky-uppy morning hair.

    I love their infectious giggles.

    I love how different they are from one another.

    I love how the world looks through my daughter Tessa’s eyes.  Everything is fascinating and worth investigating.

    I love how my son Lucas greets everyday with wide-eyed curiosity, endless imagination, and more energy that can possibly be contained in one child.

    I love how my oldest son Tyler doesn’t care what other people think.  He marches to the beat of his own drum and has the spirit of a leader.

    I found joy this morning by dropping everything, and taking a moment to take pictures of them exactly how they were at that moment…hair mussed up, breakfast crumbs on their faces, wearing the clothes they chose for themselves this morning…because that’s just life and deserves to be remembered.

    Nothing is more fun than to make a blanket fort!  My son Ty is a little out of this stage, but he humored me and left his teenage den to join us. 🙂

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