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Enjoying Life with the H. Family

Meet Rylie.

2__030 web

I took pictures of little R. when she was just weeks old.  She is now two and so full of energy, curiosity, and life (she can also dance it out to Beyonce and The Black Eyed Peas…a girl after my own heart).

Rylie Triptych bw web

Meet Rylie’s little sister Jordyn.  Isn’t she adorable?

2__155 web

2__071 web

2__139 web

2__125 web

2__112 web

2__174 web

2__271bw web

2__235bw web

2__190 web

2__134 web

2__082 web

Near the end of our session we tried for a quick family shot, but sometimes kids just aren’t in the mood for sitting (especially when they are two years old).  You just have to roll with it!  Personally, it’s these types of pictures like this last one that I enjoy most because it just speaks of true life, and life is so good!

2__228bw web


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