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Joy in the Little Things Part One

I’m reminded through times of adverstiy and during the blur of every day activities, that one should remember to find joy in the little things.  There is so much beauty and joy to be found in life, but it’s the little things that I often take for granted.

More blog posts on this topic to come! I’m on a mission to be acutely aware to find joy in the little things as life quickly travels forward.


Joy found in the patience of my children

Every year I corner my kids to take their school photo.  This is usually taken during my busy time when I’m photographing other people’s beautiful children.  Without fail, in the midst of a busy day I’ll announce to the kids to find some clean clothes, brush their hair, wipe the dinner crumbs, and be patient with me as I snap a few photos to be shared with friends and family.  This year, my kids were on different haircut rotations, so their pictures were days apart as we rushed them in for a trim.  My 8 year old son sat down in the barber chair and upon asking what we wanted for a haircut, in his best monotone voice he said, “Caesar cut please, #2 on the sides”.

My Kids Layout web2


Joy found at Etsy!

I’m completely addicted to Allison Strine’s jewelry, magnets, and cards.  I’ve ordered several pendants and she is not only delightfully witty but also extremely talented.

I own this pendant.

Allison Strine

Love, love, love her work.

Check out her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=51268


Joy in music!

Greg Laswell

I’m addicted to Greg Laswell’s music.  His soulful, beautiful music just touches my heart.

Download this: “This Woman’s Work” and “Comes and Goes (In Waves)”

Check out his website: http://greglaswell.com/


Joy found in my fuzzy slippers

I was cursed blessed with some big feet.  My moccasins rock. The first time my feet graced these moccasins they started dancing on their own.  Every one should own a pair of moccasins. Your feet will thank you.

Moccasin web

Image disclaimer: Feet in this image appear larger than they are. 😉


  • Angie Duczek-Hardy

    Hey Christine, another great thing about (ahem) larger feet, is that when shoes go on sale, you’re more likely to find some in your size. Those of us with average size feet often come up empty handed because our sizes sold at regular price. 😉 Yay for big feet! LOL Love ya! Glad to see you’re still rockin that great sense-of-humor of yours!! my feet start disco dancing on thier own when I hear ABBA music! lol

  • admin

    ha ha Angie, my ABBA loving friend! Good memories of you dancing to ABBA. Your case for the good part of having big feet have fallen on deaf ears. You have cute feet. There is nothing cute about clown feet.

    Thanks Ashley 🙂

  • Hope Walls

    Ain’t nothing wrong with sportin’ 10s. I’m currently finding joy in my husband not being totaled with our car last week, and being housebound due to a lack of vehicular mobility. Go fish ROCKS, even when your 5yo cheats.

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