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Head Over Heels Times Two

Remember this beautiful family?  They welcomed an adorable baby boy into the family!

Meet baby Carter…

2__072 web

I think Carter looks a lot like little Isla did as a newborn.  It was so good to catch up with them, and little Isla is now a busy one year old and on the move…and smart!  She is so smart.

2__018 web

2__054bw web
This is one of the only pictures where I could get them in the same frame! Lucky for me, it was a tender moment that just melts the heart.

2__067bw web

2__197bw web

2__209 web

2__211 web

2__224bw web
K. handles motherhood with style, grace, and with a quiet confidence that has the power to relax those in her company.

2__350 web

2__172 web

2__166bw web

2__299bw web

2__275bw web

Thanks for spending the morning with me and introducing me to the newest Hopaluk cousin!  Congratulations to your beautiful family. You are very blessed. 🙂


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