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Get Away!

This week-end, a few of us photography peeps spent two gloriously relaxing days together.  Ahhhh… it was amazing.

As we were driving up, I already knew the week-end was going to be magical.  The sun was setting as we made our way to our little chalet get-away at the beach.  One really shouldn’t take pictures through the side window while driving, but the camera was just inches from me and for the record, I kept my eye on the road. 🙂

Oct17__001 web

My friend Amy and I were the first to arrive.  We were like kids in a candy store, running from room to room and checking out the place.  We lit a fire in the potbelly stove, set out chocolates and snacks and waited for the others to arrive.

The next morning, we actually slept in!  It was so amazing waking up at 10 a.m.  It felt like 2:00 p.m.  Our friend Hope planned a day of activities for all of us.  She gave us a list of words to capture through photography.   Here are a few I took on our scavenger hunt.

Oct17__150r web

Oct17__133 web

Oct17__148 web
“Shimmer” (although the next morning once the sun came out there was much more shimmer around us)

Oct17__194 web

Oct17__103r web

Oct17__113 web

Oct17__154r web
“Fantastic” (yes you are my friend)

I have to tell you, taking these pictures was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had in my life.  It’s a memory I will always treasure, and that’s why I chose this picture for “Treasure”.

Oct17__110r web

and a few more…

Oct17__152r web

Oct17__122r web

Oct17__121r web

Oct17__120 web

Oct17__118r web

Oct17__115r web

Oct17__106bw web

Oct17__101 web

Oct17__095 web
I think this one should be called “Cat on a Stick”

We returned back to the chalet from our scavenger hunt to homemade chicken stew (thanks Hope) and then a celebratory cocktail.

Oct17__161 web

Oct17__165 web

Oct17__172r web

Group Shot!

Oct17__180rbw web

Oct17__181rbw web

The next day, Hope had another little fun tidbit planned.  On a piece of paper, we were to write a descriptive word about each person there.  We shot each person holding their paper, but the only person that was allowed to see the word was the person taking the picture.

This will be the first time each beautiful girl is seeing the word I used to describe them (I can’t wait to see every one’s words).  Thanks so much for a wonderful week-end.  Love you girls!

First up…The Authentic and the ever-so-talented Amber

Amber web


My Confidante Amy (Love you!!!)

Amy web


Oh so Genuine Heather

Heather web


The Always Generous with her time, opinions, and her heart…Hope

Hope2 web


Kind-Hearted Lareina

Lareina web


Sweetly Confident Lisa

Lisa web

That was officially the longest blog post ever!  Thanks girls for a fantastic get away.   I had an incredible and unforgettable week-end with you all (although we sure missed those girls who could not make it out).  I can’t wait for the next one. 🙂


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