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Welcome Baby Sawyer

You may recognise this family from other posts.  I was honoured to capture the next exciting chapter in their family love story.

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Meet their new addition.  His name is Sawyer.  He’s 6 days old!

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His name has great history.  His roots have been traced back to Mark Twain the author of  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer .  I’m sure he will live up to his name and provide many adventures for Mom and Dad.

He was also 10 days overdue, and because of this fact, he was born on his Great Grandmother’s birthday.  Lucky baby boy. Big sister Addison is so tickled with her new baby brother!

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I can’t get enough of her blue eyes.

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Mom and Dad can’t get enough of their newest joy.

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Welcome baby Sawyer.  You are very loved!


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