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    Growing with the S. Family

    Every year on the same week-end in September for the past 4 years, I have had the privilege of capturing our friend’s family.   This year it was a little different as they have a new addition to their family!

    Meet little D.!

    4__032 web

    Isn’t he cute?!

    When I first laid eyes on little D., his big sister B. came running up and planted a big wet smooch squarely on his forehead.  She has taken on the role of big sister quite nicely, and shows her love to D. in such gentle and loving ways.

    4__128bw web

    Here is the S. family…year 4 behind my lens!  Thanks for meeting with me again.  It has been so amazing watching your beautiful family grow.

    4__361bw web

    4__061 web

    4__065 web

    4__124bw web

    4__017 web

    4__182 web

    4__224 web

    4__240 web

    4__255 web

    4__280 web

    4__094 web

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    Complete Family

    I met up with the G. family for their family session. This session was particularly special for their family because with the birth of adorable little E. they are now a complete family.  You may remember their maternity family session.   Baby E. is such a blessing, and big sister J. is so good with her!

    3__238 web

    3__032 web

    3__023 web

    3__090bw web

    3__388 web

    Matching smiles…

    3__321 web

    Like father, like daughter….

    3__343bw web

    3__289 web

    3__305 web

    3__196 web
    I’ll do most anything for a smile, this includes getting poked with a stick 😉

    3__249bw web

    3__260 web

    3__257 web

    3__359 web

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    Sweet Little L.

    My cousin had a baby boy!!!  I was so excited to capture every angle of little L.

    He has the most beautiful eyes, and he’s so alert!  Mom and Dad couldn’t be more proud.

    Congratulations to you both, I’m very excited to have a new baby in the family to cuddle.

    2__049 web

    2__123 web
    This moment happened right after little L. stripped down into his birthday suit.  It never fails, someone always gets peed on during a newborn session!

    2__151bw web

    2__075 web

    2__074 web

    2__030bw web

    2__051bw web

    2__034 web

    2__245bw web

    2__263bw web

    2__281 web

    Logan Triptych web

    Baby sneezes are so cute!

    2__112bw web

    Congratulations again Kendra and Rob!  We are so happy for you!

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    Welcome Baby Sawyer

    You may recognise this family from other posts.  I was honoured to capture the next exciting chapter in their family love story.

    0__176bw web

    Meet their new addition.  His name is Sawyer.  He’s 6 days old!

    0__226 web

    His name has great history.  His roots have been traced back to Mark Twain the author of  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer .  I’m sure he will live up to his name and provide many adventures for Mom and Dad.

    He was also 10 days overdue, and because of this fact, he was born on his Great Grandmother’s birthday.  Lucky baby boy. Big sister Addison is so tickled with her new baby brother!

    0__055 web

    I can’t get enough of her blue eyes.

    0__094bw web

    0__122bw web

    Mom and Dad can’t get enough of their newest joy.

    0__131 web

    0__209 web

    0__249 web

    0__244 web

    0__248bw web

    0__218bw web

    0__201 web

    0__075 web

    0__250 web

    Welcome baby Sawyer.  You are very loved!

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    Exploring with K & B

    I met up with K. & B. for a morning of running through the leaves, hiding in the tall grass, and exploring the secret path that leads to the wishing rock (one must have an imagination when exploring with toddlers!)  They are a couple of cuties, and so full of curiosity and energy!

    Thanks for spending the morning playing with me!

    0__049 web

    0__006 web

    0__022 web

    0__132 web

    0__061 web

    0__194bw web

    0__087 web

    0__063bw web

    0__102 web

    0__071 web

    0__018bw web

    0__232 web

    0__156 web

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    Running with the D. Family

    Sometimes family session evolve into something that I hadn’t envisioned.  I love it when that happens!  There is nothing better than when moments just magically happen simply because a family is playing and having fun together.  This was one of those times.

    Meet the D. Family. You may recognize them from other posts.  I’ve been photographing their family since little R. was a newborn.  The best part about being a photographer is watching love and life grow and change.

    3__159 web

    3__216bw web

    3__220 web

    3__198bw web

    3__192 web

    3__115 web

    3__176bw web

    3__086 web

    3__105bw web

    3__225 web

    3__238 web

    3__027 web

    I love that T. is making a face.  I didn’t notice until I got home and downloaded the pictures! 🙂

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    On the Farm with the H Family

    Meet the H. Family.  Melissa was one of the first people I met when I moved to Leduc.  She is so much fun, and so is her beautiful family.  I had a great time hanging out with them at their farm; complete with dogs, a horse, and cows.  Around every corner there were interesting lines, weathered buildings, and fences.

    0__018 web

    0__244vintage web

    0__080r web

    0__107 web

    0__414 web

    0__301 web

    0__373bw web

    0__316 web

    0__359 web

    0__202 web

    0__184 web

    0__065bw web

    0__214 web

    0__313 web

    Melissa was prepared this year and had Christmas Card ideas on her mind…yes, she cut out these letters all by her little crafty self 😉

    0__157 web

  • Personal


    We have a new addition to our family!  Meet Teddy!

    sept15__094 web

    We have waited a long time to welcome a puppy into our home.  My daughter Tessa told me one day that she wanted to be a Vet when she grows up.  She added that she would also like lots of children and would for sure let them have a dog.  😉

    For a couple of years now, I’ve been keeping an ear out for the right pet for us.  I didn’t just want to find a dog, I wanted to find our dog.  I knew that everything would fall perfectly into place if it was meant to be…and it has! I took these photos when my other two boys were at school.  I’m sure it will be tough to get a picture with the boys and Teddy, because they run steady when they are together playing fetch and chase (Teddy actually chases the boys, runs away, and then turns on a dime and chases them again).

    He’s perfectly imperfectly ours and we love him.

    sept16__005-2 web

    sept16__008r web

    sept16__014-2 web

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    B. & G.’s Connection

    My heart is loving capturing the love between Couples this summer.

    B. contacted me to capture their last photography session before they welcome their baby into the world. B. is 15 weeks pregnant, and although they do not know if they will have a boy or a girl, I think it’s safe to assume babe will have some sparkling blue eyes!

    They have been married for 7 years now, and they are very excited to start another chapter in life.

    This is B. & G.’s connection…

    C__337 web

    Meet their sweet dog Keona. She sure is loved!

    C__342 web

    C__021 web

    C__144 web

    C__244 web

    C__058 web

    C__074bw web

    C__064 web

    C__289bw web

    C__091 web

    C__156 web

    C__293 web

    C__296 web

    Congratulations you two! Thanks for spending the evening with me 🙂

  • Spirit Sessions

    Tammy’s Spirit

    My talented friend Amy and I got together for our second Your Spirit session. Your Spirit sessions are all about capturing the spirit and beauty found within every woman.

    I treasure the photos I have of my parents through out the years, and adore the photos that truly capture their spirit.

    Amy and I are so excited about the chance to capture the spirit of women for those who love them most.

    For more information about Your Spirit sessions, please visit my website and click the “Coming Soon” tab or check out the Spirit Session tab under the Categories menu above.

    To see Amy’s capture of Tammy’s Spirit, please visit her post here.

    Meet Tammy. She is confident, beautiful, kind, and so much fun.

    This is Tammy’s Spirit…

    S__091 web

    S__210 web

    S__207 web

    S__144 web

    S__304 web

    S__347 web

    S__082 web

    Tammy Layout copy web

    S__270 web

    Thank you Tammy for allowing us to capture your beautiful spirit!