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    Beautiful Baby B.

    Meet beautiful baby B.

    0__007bw web

    She came into the world a whole 4 weeks early.  We had a maternity shoot planned for Mom, but baby B. decided to come just days before the shoot.  Our maternity session turned into a newborn session!  Baby B. joins the company of two gorgeous sisters (family pictures to come!).   There’s a whole lot of pink happening in this household.

    The way Mom and Dad look at their newest miracle just makes my heart happy.

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    Welcome baby B.  You are born into a family full of love and laughter.

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    Beach Love

    Capturing the love within this family reminded me why I love photography so much.  I was invited out to their summer get-away at the beach.  The view from their front yard is simply breathtaking…water and sand as far as the eye can see.

    Several times during their session my heart actually melted.  I love capturing love.  Life is good.

    Here are a few favourites from our time together.

    0__295r web

    0__339 web

    0__186os bw web

    0__137 web

    0__255 web

    0__178r web

    0__156 web

    0__285 web

    0__266 web

    0__203 web

    0__234bw web
    Ahhh…heart melt.

    0__185 web

    0__374r web

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    The M. Family’s Connection

    I first met Amanda, a fellow photographer, at Hope Walls photography workshops.  I liked Amanda immediately.  I love her photography, so when she asked me to do a sunset maternity session for her, I was honoured.

    She is expecting baby #2 in a few weeks.  Little L. will be a great big brother.

    This family is full of laughter, hugs, and love.  This is their connection…

    M__121 web

    M__361 web

    M__295 web

    M__439bw web

    M__438bw web

    M__285 web

    M__228 web

    M__193 web

    M__323 web

    M__458 web

    M__470 web

    M__448bw web

    I can’t wait to meet the new bundle of joy and energy if he’s anything like his big brother!


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    The Importance of Photos

    If life, there is great love & sometimes there is great loss.  It doesn’t make sense.  As a photographer, I realize the importance of photos more than ever.  Life is busy and there will always be a reason to hold off getting photos done, but it’s important. 

    Photography is a journey, and I’ve realized this year that as a photographer my job is to come into your life and capture the love you have.  It’s a job I take very seriously because of it’s impact.   You are loved so deeply by the people in your life.  It’s important to capture who you are, or who your loved ones are along the walk of life.  Because as life travels forward and as you look back, there are these precious photos to tell the story of your love. 

    May27__071r web

    Don’t wait.  As women, we are our own worst critics.  There never seems to be a good time to get photos done of ourselves.  BUT if only we could see ourselves through the eyes of those who love us, we would celebrate who we are. 

    My job as a photographer is to capture it for you.  It doesn’t matter if you are at a place where you would rather lose 10 pounds before pictures are taken.  Your loved ones love you for exactly who you are RIGHT NOW.   Your body, spirit, soul…as it is at this very moment. 

    This week I’ve had several conversations with a friend questioning whether or not we can go forward taking photos through grief, because along with this job, you do see and experience grief.  We are so invested in who we are taking pictures of, it is heart breaking when you see loss happen to good people.  As I’ve thought about it through sleepless nights, it came to me that it is the very purpose of what we do: to forever capture a loved one’s spirit through photography. 

    So I invite you today, to contact whoever your photographer of choice may be and capture the spirit of who you love.  And if you decide to get pictures of yourself done, ensure that you look at the photos through the eyes of those who love you most because it’s important to them that your spirit is captured. 

    From my heart to yours,

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    Sweet Little S.

    Welcome to the world sweet little S.!  She made a 4 week early appearance, but weighed 6 pounds, 9 oz.  She’s now 10 days old.  Her parents are so gentle with her and are totally head over heals in love with their perfect little miracle.  Thank you so much for having me out to capture her sweetness.  I’m totally smitten with her.

    N__277 web

    N__294 web

    N__003 web

    N__253bw web

    N__006 web

    N__269 web

    N__083bw web
    As we were having coffee, I noticed what a great kitchen table they had to reflect their beautiful connection.  Before you know it, those tiny fingers will be making little finger prints all over it!

    N__077bw web

    N__044 web

    N__055 web

    N__152 web

    N__148 web

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    It’s All Love

    Meet the B. Family.  I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with them, and witnessed first hand the deep love they have for one another.

    0__007r web

    Upon first meeting of little A. and L. they both ran up to me, looked me in the eyes, extended their little hands and said “nice to meet you”.   Best first meeting EVER!

    0__043 web

    0__038 web

    0__052vintage web

    K. is an angel.  The way her parents look at her melts my heart. Pure sweet love.

    0__027 web

    0__201 web

    Look at those lashes…beautiful.

    0__268r bw web

    0__136 web

    0__105r web

    0__230bw web

    Now, that’s some serious height.  Dad is a pro at this game.

    0__248bw2 web

    0__185 web

    0__354 web

    C. and C. have been married for 10+ years.  Congrats!

    0__359bw web

    0__307 web

    Thanks for spending the evening with me!  It was a pleasure!

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    Enchanted with A.

    You may remember this family from other posts.   I had the honour and pleasure of photographing the next exciting chapter in their family story.  Little A. is soon going to be a big sister.

    I’m completely enchanted with little A.  Let me tell you a little something about A.

    She is silly.

    M__043 web

    She is coy.

    M__040 web

    She’s loves wearing Mom’s lipstick equally as much as she loves frogs.

    M__622 web

    She is curious.

    M__425 web

    She is absolutely adorable!

    M__282 web

    You can feel the love within this family with every game and exchange that naturally happens between them.

    family triptych web

    They are soon going to welcome another love into their lives.

    M__442 web

    M__439bw web

    M__320 web

    I’m sure this family can handle a little more energy thrown their way!

    M__354bw web

    M__524 web

    M__420 web

    M__457 web

    M__317 web

    Congratulations!  I am so excited for your family and looking forward to meeting the next curious enchanting little soul 🙂

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    My Family

              We are home from holidays!  We spent two wonderful weeks with family: visiting, sitting at the beach, laughing, fishing, and getting our butts kicked in a good game of cards (my Father-in-law is a shark!)…it was a great holiday.  While staying with the Hopaluk’s we did a little family photo-shoot.   We all haven’t had family photos taken together since I was pregnant with Tyler and my Sister-in-law Mel was pregnant with Koti (they are 12 going on 13!)  It was tough getting a big group shot, but the ole’ set-the-timer-and-dash-into-the-shot did the trick.  Here are a few from our quick mini-session.

    hol09__197-1 web

              My 3 kids and their cousin Koti. (I just noticed my son Lucas isn’t wearing shoes…oh well, we were in lake-mode)

    hol09__271-1 web

              My hubby and his brother Lee

    hol09__247-1 web

              My fun & loving Mother and Father-in-law

    hol09__219-1 web

    hol09__257 web

    hol09__279-1 web

    hol09__253-1bw web
    I had to add this photo, because this is usually the expressions my hubby and his brother wear when they get together!

    hol09__217-1 web
    And finally, our group-timer photo 🙂

    Thanks for having us out to the lake!  We had a great time!