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    Time Off!

    I am taking some time off with my family!  I will be answering e-mails again on August 3rd.  I hope you have a great couple of weeks enjoying the summer sun…we have to cherish these sunny days in Alberta.

    And because no post is complete without a picture, nothing says summer than melting ice cream and a cute sticky child 🙂

    Happy Summer!


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    T & J’s Connection

    I have to say, my heart is loving capturing the connection between couples.  It’s so beautiful.

    Meet Tony & Jody. They are soon going to welcome a new life into their lives.  It was such an honour to spend time with them last night and to capture the sweet, tender, and fun connection they share.

    This is their connection…

    M__223 web

    M__214 web

    M__393 web

    M__389 web

    M__465 web

    M__346 web

    M__145bw web

    M__139bw web

    M__437 web

    M__444 web

    M__202os web

    M__546 web

    Tony, you make a fantastic lighting assistant!  Thank you both for spending the evening with me.  I’m looking forward to photographing the next chapter in  your love story.

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    My two bits

    Photography is a constant learning curve.  That’s what’s so great about it.  I don’t think I will ever get to the “finish line”.  I think if I ever believe that I’ve reached it, then it’s time for a new challenge!

    I was thinking today about some of the things that I’ve come to realize over these past few months.  Here are my two bits…

    To me, photography is all about connection.  You should FEEL something when you look at a photo.  You should also FEEL something when you take the photo.

    It’s important to remember in portrait photography that people are not props to pose in a beautiful setting.  Having a great eye for lines, colour, and composition is very important, but remember that the people in the photo are the most important part.  Capturing connection and emotion is key.  You can feel when there is real emotion in a photo and where there isn’t.

    How do you connect with your subjects?  Talk to them, ask questions, laugh, share, and get close.  It’s the only way you are going to translate emotion in the photos.  If you are photographing a couple: find out where they met, what they love about each other, their favourite places to go together, etc.   If you are photographing children: laugh, run, play, jump, roll on the ground, and pick flowers together. Get down to their level.  You can’t expect them to automatically produce a winning smile.  They need to forget that you are taking their picture.  Instead, be their playmate for the time you have together.  You may feel foolish at first, but let go of your inhibitions and be a kid again.


    Focus on what it is you love about photography.  Find your style.  Take tons of photos of everything and anything.  Pay attention to what draws you into your favourite photos.  Is it the lines, the colours, the emotions?  Find that special something that makes you feel and apply it to your photos.  Always be aware of what you feel is beautiful, or funny, or interesting.  Pay attention to it.  Apply it.

    Keep…it…simple.  You don’t need a lot going on in a photo.  Remove distracting elements…ask yourself if it lends itself to the story in the photo.  If not, remove it or find another angle. Seek out great light.  I love shooting in the evening when that yummy light comes out and casts a dreamy glow on everything.

    L__423r web

    Get low or find higher ground.  Lay on your back and shoot up or get on a ladder and shoot down. Find an angle that is out of the norm.  The eye is drawn into a view that you don’t often see.

    2__350 web

    Realize that where you are in your journey in photography is where you are supposed to be…because it’s a journey.  There is no “the end” to your photography story.

    Honour your values.  My kids are young, so photography is a side-venture for me.  That is my personal choice.  I have lots of time to develop my career when they get a little older and depend on me a little less.  It’s easy to get trapped into photographer-envy when you watch another photographer you respect do their thing.  It’s their thing.  Not yours.  Follow your heart and your passion.

    Wait for it.  That moment that will come during a session if you are patient and have your trigger finger ready to snap.  This is especially true when photographing children.  It takes patience and time, but if you wait for it and engage your subject, the moment will come.

    2__090bw web

    2__044bw web

    2__397 web

    A__038bw web

    2__567 web

    2__579 web

    0__325bw web

    Honour who you are as a photographer.  Not every job may be right for you.  You owe it to the people you are taking photos of as well.  If you can’t connect with them, it’s tough to get a good photo.  It’s OK to realize that you may not be a good fit for one another.   Plus, if you take a job that isn’t a good fit you may be taking away an opportunity the client could have to connect with a photographer that is right for them.

    Enough rambling, I had to get it out there!  I’m glad I have so very much to learn in photography.  I’m enjoying the ride.

    Good night!


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    Celebrating Life’s Next Step

    I have had the honour and privilege of photographing some of K. and R’s most important steps in life together.   I shot their engagement, their wedding, and now the next step is here…

    K. also happens to be my beautiful cousin.

    M__303r web

    She crinkles her nose up when she laughs.  I think it’s cute (her hubby thinks so too).

    M__147bw web

    M__210 web

    M__104 web

    M__298bw web

    M__258 web

    M__074 web

    M__047 web

    M__172bw web

    M__285bw web

    M__345 web

    M__312 web

    M__352 web

    Congrats you two, I can’t wait for the next step in your life together.


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    July Blooms!

    We spent a week at Ministikewan Lake, SK with my in-laws (love you!) and I was blown away by all the beautiful flowers planted around the cabins there.   Here are a few blooms I loved while visiting. 

    I’ll take you on the tour…starting with my mother-in-law’s beautiful place…

    holiday1__047r web

    holiday1__052r web

    holiday1__061 web

    holiday1__403r web

    holiday1__053 web

    holiday1__399r web

    holiday1__421r web


    Next stop…Stan’s place…

    holiday1__077r web

    holiday1__087r web

    holiday1__082r web


    Final stop…Glen and Leanne’s place…

    holiday1__091 web

    holiday1__301r web

    holiday1__094r web

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    Dora Hair

    My little girl got a hair cut today.

    Last September, I decided to grow out her bangs.

    Tessa__before web
    Taken September, 2008.

    Her hair has grown so fast over these past few months, her bangs are passed her chin now.  But doing her hair has been a source of tears at times as it’s gotten so long and unruly!  It was time for a hair cut!

    Tessa before web

    I told her that she would get a “Dora the Explorer” hair cut and she was all for it.  When we got to the salon, I had changed my mind to giving her a shoulder length bob.  I asked my fabulous hairdresser Julie how long her hair had to be to donate it to cancer.  She measured her hair and said it was long enough if we gave her a nice little bob.

    It was tough watching as the scissors cut through her long beautiful 9 inches of braided hair, but we were so happy that her hair will be going to someone else now.

    Here is my little Miss T. with her new hair do.  She looks so grown up.  My baby is growing up.

    As for little Miss T., she didn’t mind getting her hair cut as long as she got a sucker at the end of it.  She likes her Dora Hair.

    july7__024 web

    july7__015 web

    july7__016 web

    july7__039bw web

    july7__044bw web