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    Holiday Time!

    I will be off this week for holidays!  I’ll be back, answering e-mails and phone calls on July the 6th.

    On Friday we started our holiday off by checking into a hotel in Calgary and hitting the indoor water park. I brought my underwater housing for my G10 camera.  Here’s all of us, except for my oldest son who was taking this picture.  My youngest could only offer up her arm. She’s not at the diving-under-water stage yet.

    IMG_2491r web

    Yesterday, we visited the Calgary Zoo.  It was our first time there. The kids had a blast (so did we!)  I can’t believe I’ve never visited the Calgary Zoo before.  It’s such an incredible place to go as a family and it’s only 2 hours from our home.

    june27__056 web

    june27__085 web

    june27__110 web

    june27__156r web

    june27__161bw web

    june27__188bw web

    june27__240 web

    june27__243 web

    june27__256 web

    june27__274 web

    june27__303r web
    our attempt at a timer family picture on the suspension bridge

    june27__356 web
    Good-bye Calgary Zoo, we will be back next year 🙂

    See you all in a week!


  • Connection Sessions

    S and D’s Connection

    I have dreamed about doing these Connection Sessions for a long time.  The focus is all about your love and who you are as a couple.

    You get married.  You have kids.  You forget about celebrating and remembering that special something that exists just between the two of you.  It’s yours.

    This is S & D’s Connection…

    L__453r web

    L__449r web

    L__532r web

    L__528bw web

    L__138bw web

    L__140 web

    L__128 web

    L__144r web

    L__073r web

    L__079r web

    L__379r web

    L__213 web

    L__266 web

    L__324 web

    L__406 web

    L__392r web

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    Celebrating 1 Year with a Cake Smashing!

    Meet Maya.

    2__274 web

    You may remember her since I just posted about her a few minutes ago lovin’ the swing set.

    Maya is sweet, sensitive, and full of smiles.  Most importantly, today she turns 1!!!

    2__248 web

    2__223 web

    Meet Maya’s lovely parents.

    2__059bw web

    They can’t get enough of Maya.

    2__174 web

    2__182 web

    2__163 web

    2__134 web

    2__138 web

    Now, onto the cake smashing.  Thank you once again to Penny Zulke for making another fabulous cake!

    The session started with a Naked baby, and ended with a naked baby.

    2__448bw web

    Time to get the tutu on, and let her loose!

    2__454 web

    2__461 web

    2__471 web

    2__499 web

    2__516 web

    Off with the tutu and time to really dig in…

    2__555 web

    Not only did she eat her 1 year cake, she also sat on it…

    2__565 web

    2__579 web

    2__584 web

    Happy Birthday pretty girl!


  • Photography

    The Swing Set Series

    Remember this family?
    They are back, and little Maya is 1 year old!  To celebrate we did a family session and ended with a hilarious cake smashing session!

    I wanted to blog these photos separately because they really show off how Mom and Dad adore spending time with their little girl.   More to come from their session!

    2__325 web

    2__350 web

    2__371 web

    2__410bw web

    2__417bw web

    2__414 bw web

  • cake smashing,  Children

    1 Year Cake Smashing!!!

    Meet Noah.

    2__051bw web

    This is his little sister Myah who just celebrated her first birthday.

    You may remember them from a session we did with the whole family last year.

    2__034bw web

    To celebrate, we enlisted the services of a fabulous cake maker (thank-you Penny Zulke) to bake her a fab. one year birthday cake.

    2__120 web

    Isn’t it pretty?

    2__121 web

    Myah thought so too.

    2__123 web

    2__124 web

    Off with the tutu, time to dig in!

    2__146 web

    2__165 web

    Myah is so dainty, this really wasn’t so much of a cake smashing as it was a cake re-arranging…

    2__177 web

    2__168 web

    2__175 web

    We enlisted the help of big brother, who was more than happy to help a sista out…

    2__195bw web

    2__203 web

    I think he’s wondering how he’s going to eat all this cake.  He especially loved the flowers.

    2__213 web

    2__211 web

    They did good…

    Thanks for coming to play with cake this morning and thank you to Penny Zulke once again for baking such a beautiful cake!

  • Photography

    Family Love

    Last fall, I was invited out to the family farm to take family photos.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best weather conditions and I wasn’t able to get all the shots I wanted too, so I came back for round two.

    I think we did much better this time around and I was very thankful for the beautiful overcast day we had!

    I hope this set adds to your previous photos from last year!

    3__025 web

    This time, the beloved family pets were invited to join in…

    3__034 web

    3__189 web

    3__052rbw web

    3__093r web

    3__056 web

    3__138 web

    3__151r web

    These last two photos speak of True Life to me.

    The front yard is where the fun happens when they all get together.

    There is no better joy in life than the Love within a Family!


  • Photography

    All Cheeks

    Do you remember this beautiful family that came to visit me a few weeks before they welcomed little Marley into their family?!

    Triptych web

    I finally got to meet sweet little Marley.  He is all cheeks!!!

    2__284bw web

    2__225vintage web

    Marley has a very proud big sister, who giggled and played with my daughter in between briefly checking in on her baby brother every once and awhile.

    2__265bw web

    This next one is for you Dad! lol  Looks like Marley has no choice but to be a fan 🙂

    2__162 web

    2__103bw web

    2__123 web

    It was also Mom’s birthday on the day of this photo session.  Happy Birthday pretty lady!

    2__196 web

    You must be so proud of all you’ve accomplished this year!

    2__341bw web

    2__397 web

    Congratulations, Happy Birthday, and please enjoy this parting shot!  🙂

  • Photography

    A Good Day to Graduate!

    Meet K.  She graduated this past week-end.  Isn’t she stunning?

    0__338 web

    The morning of pictures, K.’s Mom called me to change the location of the photo shoot to an area a little more quiet.  I am so glad she did!  The weather was perfect and the location was beautiful; complete with pole fencing, grazing horses, beautiful looming trees, and a bright red barn.

    Love, love, love it (I’m such a country girl at heart)!

    0__179 web

    0__189bw web


    0__301 web

    0__254r web

    0__066bw web

    0__211 web

    0__243 web

    0__238 web

    0__214 web