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    Team Clickin’ Cancer’s Butt!!!

    I didn’t manage to get photos of all the photographers that volunteered for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Edmonton, but here are a few of them!  We are Team Clickin’ Cancer’s Butt 1/1ooth second at a time 🙂

    Here’s the link to the rest of the story: http://christinehopaluk.wordpress.com/2009/05/27/a-picture-story-of-hope/

    To my photographer team mates: if you would like to add your team Clickin’ Cancer’s Butt photos to this set, feel free to watermark them and send them to me and I’ll add them to this post.  admin (at) christinehopaluk (dot) com

    R__226r web
    Our fearless leader dressed in her cape (she made capes for all of us!):
    Hope Walls

    R__337 web
    Her family even came out to show their support

    R__093r web

    R__349 web

    R__355bw web
    Now that’s dedication, strapping not only a camera on, but also a baby 🙂

    R__357 web

    R__351bw web

    R__346 web

    R__281r web

    R__101r web

    R__049 web

    R__031bwc web

    R__524bw web

    R__542bw web

    R__502 web

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    A Picture Story of Hope

    I was honoured to be one of the photographers (ticdesign: Team Clickin’ Cancer’s Butt) volunteering to cover the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Edmonton on May23/24, 2009.

    The day was beautiful.  It was full of tears, laughter, and hugs; but most importantly there was this amazing presence of Unity and Hope.

    Here is the day: a picture story of Hope.

    R__082 web

    R__084 web

    R__078 web

    R__079 web

    R__160 web

    R__196r web
    The survivor balloon release…

    R__203 web
    I think a few of the balloons form the shape of a heart in the middle..can you see it?  That’s for you Chris.

    R__214 web

    R__252r web

    R__288 web

    R__308r web

    R__318 web

    R__364 web
    These fabulous girls were celebrating the bride’s stagette (she’s getting married next week-end!) by doing the Relay for Life.  Fantastic!

    R__381 web

    R__382 web

    R__420 web

    R__412 web

    R__479 web

    R__453r web

    R__456 web

    R__475 web

    R__494 web


    R__513 web

    R__516 web

    R__556 web

    R__608bw web

    R__615 web

    R__618 web

    R__629 web

    R__704r web

    R__702r web

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    Mother of the Grad

    In my previous post, I mentioned something about a certain Mom/neighbour that came to her son’s photo shoot wearing fuzzy pink PJ’s and bed hair.  She has agreed (Sarah, you owe her a Bellini) to let me share this precious photo with you all….

    This is EXACTLY why I love you girl….

    G__032 web

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    In the Middle of a Photoshoot

    We moved into our home in Leduc three years ago.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I have the BEST neighbours ever.  Hands down.  They rock.

    Meet Jordan.  He’s my neighbour and he graduated this past week-end.  Woop, Woop!  Of the three years that I’ve lived across the street from him, it took me two years to see him in person…outside.     Either I’m not outside that often, or he prefers his teenage basement cave.  Either way, we have enjoyed getting to know him this year.

    G__027 web

    By the way, you may remember his parents who were the feature of a Trash the Dress shoot  I did last year.

    Anywhoooo, back to Jordan.  His Mom asked me to take “A Photo or TWO”.  Ummmmm, yah…never ask a photographer to take a couple of photos if you actually want a couple of photos.  That’s not how I roll.

    In the middle of our mini-session, Jordan’s phone rang and he said (and I quote):
    “Can I call you back?  I’m in the middle of a photo-shoot.”  lol

    G__022bw web

    G__023bw web

    G__056 web

    G__078bw web

    This set of photos seems incomplete to me as I happened to get a shot of Jordan with his Mom.  What makes this photo special is the fact she walked across the street to my little studio in her fuzzy flannel PJ’s and bed hair and posed for a photo with her son because she’s fun like that (that’s why I love her).  Maybe if we razzz her a little, she’ll let me blog that one.  If not, you’ll have to use your imagination 😉

    Congrats Jordan!  Here’s to more memories outside the walls of your teenage basement cave.


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    In the Blink of an Eye

    Meet Paige.

    G__072 web

    She’s going to graduate this week-end.  I asked her Mom if it all goes by as fast as they say it does.  She told me it really does.   You blink your eye and they’ve gone and grown up.  Mom is so proud of her beautiful grad and I could see it in her eyes as she watched me take pictures of her daughter.

    G__185bw web

    Meet Paige’s escort Shaun.  We didn’t know how to tie his tie.  We actually had to call in reinforcements (Paige’s Dad) to come and tie it!

    G__035r web

    G__175rbw web

    G__165r web

    G__166rbw web

    G__016 web

    G__043 web

    G__235 web

    Congratulations!  Have a wonderful time at Grad!

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    Part 2 Family is Everything

    A couple of weeks ago, we got together for Part 1 so we could capture S.’s Henna Belly!   Part 2 was shot this past week-end, featuring the whole family.  It was Mother’s Day week-end and what a great way to celebrate it!

    M__363bw web

    Meet Little J.  She’s soon going to welcome a little brother or sister into her home.

    M__366 web

    They call her “Bean”.

    M__380 bw web

    M__381bw web

    M__382bw web

    She was explaining to me that her stuffie named Clive “Mooo’s”.  It does not “Baaaa” like I wondered.

    M__269bw web

    M__290 web

    hmmmm…do you hear anything?

    M__321 web

    She is most anxiously waiting to give her new sibling this cute little monkey.

    M__299r bw web

    M__476 web

    M__436r bw web

    I can’t wait to find out if this is a girl or a boy.  I’m thinking boy.  Only a few more days until we find out!!!

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    Celebrating 2 Years!

    Meet Little A.


    She is now 2!!! She is also the subject of my very first blog post 🙂  I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow this past year.



    She enjoys “reading” her Elmo book (she makes her teacher/mommy very proud!)


    And she’s really into these sticky little froggies that she enjoys throwing and sticking to the roof.


    She talks a lot for a 2 year old…


    but she does stop for little breaks…


    Isn’t she a doll?


    We ended our session with a little play outside with my daughter.   She’s peaking through the playhouse door in this shot.

    I’m so glad that I get to capture all these milestones in her life.  Thank you for that Mom and Dad!