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    Finding the Right Angle…

    My studio space isn’t very big.  I have to get creative when finding the angles, and this means sometimes going into different areas of my living room to get the angle I want (especially with you tall peeps!).  I never realized what this may look like to the subject getting their picture taken. 

    So this shot was taken while I was trying to shoot around my plant area.  S. told me I looked like I was hiding and peeking through the leaves.  This one is for you…


    Later when we went outside, I was also shooting upside down with my head in the grass…a girls got to do what a girls got to do to get the right angle!  Someday, oooh someday, I dream about a studio space complete with areas of natural light…

  • Maternity

    Henna Belly!

    My friend S. is going to have baby #2 soon.  To celebrate this pregnancy she visited a Henna Artist to beautify her perfectly round belly.  This is 1/2 of the session.  Part 2…complete with adorable little girl and smiling hubby is coming soon!

    I’ve never photographed Henna Artwork before!  Thank you S. for giving me the opportunity.  I’m looking forward to the rest of your session!






    Thankfully, S. enjoys my obsession  with sun-flare!

  • Photography

    Rockin a Mohawk

    Shhhhhhhh….I have to tell you all about little X.


    He has this adorable little natural mohawk that he wears proudly!


    He has the most loving parents…


    Who adore him to bits…


    He’s one adorable little boy who is full of life & laughter…






    Oh my…I just want to squeeze him!


    Thanks for spending the morning with me.  I loved capturing this special stage of X.’s life!

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    Finding Your Style

    I’m not sure how many photo enthusiasts read this blog, but if you have a love for photography, I would venture to guess you want to continue to grow and evolve in your photography.  Finding your style is important.  It’s that special “thing” that sets your work apart from another’s.

    How does one find their style?

    Good question.

    I’m no expert in this realm as I’m still learning who I am as a photographer, but I’d like to share with you some of what I’ve learned this year.  One way I’ve explored my own style is to spend sometime analyzing what it is I LOVE about other photographer’s work that I respect and admire.

    For example: I love Tara Whitney’s work.   I always knew I loved her photography, but recently as her images flashed across my screen I realized what it is I love about it so much.  You can not copy her style; her style is capturing the essence of her subjects.  That’s it…Eureka!  It goes right back to the reason I got into photography!

    For me, photography is about showing connection, love, personality, and the essence & spirits of my subjects.  That’s my goal in every session.  I’m not always successful, but if I fail in this area it’s because I didn’t connect with my subjects and that’s my issue…not theirs.


    Here’s a little sneak peek to the welcome page for my website which is STILL in the works (it’s a labour of love at this point and getting close to being ready!)


    A Photographer’s style is not a Photoshop action you apply to a photo. It’s a feeling and a mood.  It’s bringing to life the subject captured in your photo and doing so YOUR way.   There are several ways you can do this in photography, and the fun part is finding your style to do it.

    So, try this…just for fun!  Go to Flickr and start surfing!  Search “Love” for example.  If you find an image that speaks to you, spend some time figuring out WHY it speaks to you.  What is it about the photo that connects with you?  Is it the colour, the composition, the emotion from the subjects, the mood, the time of day it was shot, etc.  Write it down.  Find a pattern in what you love in a photograph and then apply it to your own photography.  You’ll find your style in no time!

    But most importantly get out there and get SNAPPING!  Snap anything and everything.  Snap people, animals, things…in different settings and different lighting situations.  Which photos do you love, and which do nothing for you?  Why?  What is it you love or don’t love about the photo?

    Have fun and find your style that is uniquely you!   Feel free to comment and tell me all about it 🙂

  • Photography

    Finger Puppets & Polka Dots!

    Meet Miss M.


    I last took photos of this little sweetheart when she was 18 months old.


    Hasn’t she grown?!

    She now has a little brother, whom she adores.


    Little Mr. D. is already 8 months old!


    Isn’t he cute?!





    I love a squishy baby in a basket!


    M. was very excited to show me her finger puppets which have been her constant companions for most of her young life!



    D.’s eyes just melt my heart!

    Thanks Mom for bringing the kids over to play. It was so nice to see you again!

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    Windows to the Soul!

    We had a great time with family over the Easter Break.  Coming from such a big family, it’s tough getting a big family picture.  This was the best I could do, and there are several eyeballs missing from this shot! 

    I was going to entitle this photo “My Family’s Balls”, but I think I should come up with a better name. 


  • Photography

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!


    What a beautiful week-end.  I’m excited to spend some time with family.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter week-end as well!

    The G. Family  welcomed a baby boy into the world yesterday!  They will be celebrating Marley’s birthday this Easter.   What a great time for a birthday every year (my son Tyler was born on Thanksgiving and we love celebrating his birthday around the holiday).


    Congratulations Mom, Dad, & Maddy!  I can’t wait to meet Marley 🙂

    Maddy will be a GREAT big sister 🙂