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    Beautiful Mamma

    My friend Megan is 32 weeks pregnant and she’s just so beautiful.  I took pictures of her twins this summer and I’m so glad that we could include the twins in Megan’s maternity session.  They weren’t too interested in pictures until we broke out the finger paint or until I wanted to get a few of just Mom and Dad! Then they were all too happy to get their picture taken. 

    This time around Megan is expecting a little girl just before Christmas!!!  What an amazing gift.  I can’t wait to meet her. 

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    It’s a Boy!

    Remember this glowing Mom-to-be?!

    She had a beautiful baby boy only 9 days ago and today she brought little Brodie over for a newborn session.  He is absolutely perfect and has already gained a pound since they left the hospital (way to go!)

    Beautiful boy with perfect fingers….

    and perfect toes…

    And the tiniest little ears…

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    Still on Fiji Time…

    I met Tawny when I first moved to Leduc.  She organizes a group for people who are new to Edmonton and area.  It’s been great meeting other families new to the area, and although my schedule doesn’t allow me to get to many events, I do appreciate all the time and energy she puts into the group (thank-you Tawny!).

    This gorgeous couple was just married in FIJI with their sweet girls by their side only a few weeks ago!  They are still glowing from their amazing trip and tell me they are still on Fiji time.   They are a very close family, and I could feel the love through-out the session.  Enjoy your sneak peeks and congratulations on your wedding!


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    Family Ties

    Let me introduce you to a beautiful couple that have been married for 30+ years (if I remember right, they told me they’ve been married for 37 years).

    They have a close, fun-loving family and I was invited out to take pictures of them all.  Thank you for braving the frosty weather.



    I was also able to fit in an individual family session as well.  Doesn’t Rylan’s smile melt your heart?!

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    6 Random Facts

    I was tagged by Carol

    Here are the rules: Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post. Let each person know he or she has been tagged. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

    **Random Facts About Me**

    ~I am scared of birds.  Actually, I’m mostly scared of feathers.  I have a long history of scary and freaky bird-related incidents.  My dad hit a HUGE bird once with his car and brought it home to show us girls.  It wasn’t dead.  It woke up and flew around our house.
    Birds have even been known to suicide bomb my car just to freak me out.

    ~I secretly wish I could win an olympic medal.   Due to my lack of physical strength and stamina it’s not looking good for me.

    ~I have 5 gorgeous and spunky sisters.

    – I lost 92 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years.  I’m finally comfortable in my own skin and it’s an awesome feeling.

    ~ My favourite pet growing up was a cat named Babiushka who after an unfortunate incident with our senile and ancient family dog had only one eye and also only grew hair on one side of her body. I know that’s gross, but I loved her and she looked really cute if she was turned the right way.

    ~ I eat chocolate almost every day.  I’ m an addict.

    I will tag my DLS Alumni peeps…Amy, Rebecca, Heather, Lisa, Amanda K., and Amanda M (I would tag Hope, but Carol already tagged her!).

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    From Celebrating on the Mayan Riviera to Cherishing Maya

    I was contacted by Gail to take pictures of her family and we immediately clicked.   This beautiful couple got married on the Mayan Riviera.  Down the road of life they later had a little girl, and the name Maya was a perfect fit.    They are so in love with little M. and I felt their amazing connection through out our session.  Enjoy your sneak peeks!




  • Photography

    Tough as Nails, yet Sweet as Pie!

    This is one tough little man!  He recently broke his collar bone, but you wouldn’t know it, he is so sweet and so is his darling baby sister who he loves to pieces.  Unfortunately because of work, Dad couldn’t be in the pictures, but we’ll do family pictures next time.  Thanks for playing with me at the park.  Playing in the leaves with your kids reminded me why I love my job so much!


  • Photography

    In Hog Heaven with the S. Family

    I took pictures of the S. family two years ago.  We braved the cold and took outdoor pictures surrounded by snow.  The weather this year was much more conducive to the type of pictures they wanted…with the HOG!

    When I arrived at the park I realized it was a busy day for pictures!  Over the course of two sessions I ran into 5 photographers , two of which were fabulous DLS Alumni photographers.

    This set of pictures is what I wanted to take for my own family!  Enjoy your sneak peeks 🙂

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    Climbing Trees & Eating Leaves

    I met D. through the DLS workshops (although it was in passing, she was leaving a workshop, and I was coming for the next one).

    Within the first few minutes of spending time with D.’s family, I could tell they were lots of fun.  So, we spent the morning playing in the leaves (the babies decided eating the leaves would be more fun), and climbing trees.   Enjoy your sneak peeks!

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    Playing at the Park with the R. Family!

    I took pictures of little B. a few months ago…remember little boy blue?  He has really grown!

    These two boys are full of energy, life, and spice!  They had me running all over the park.  I love taking pictures of families being families ~ laughing, giggling, tickling, and playing.  The session started out like this…


    Oops, who knew they would actually run into the water?!

    And here’s a shot from near the end of our session (Lindsay gave me permission to post this one!).  The boys got a little aggressive with their leaf throwing…Lindsay was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The boys enjoyed an airplane ride…

    Lindsay is a shutterbug too, and it looks like her kids have also caught the bug.  Thanks for playing with me at the park 🙂