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    My Kids

    I’ve been so busy with Photography this fall that I haven’t taken pictures of my own family yet!  Monday was a beautiful HOT Autumn day and before supper I yelled to the kids to wet their hair, throw on some clean clothes and get in the car so we could get some pictures.   I have a new appreciation for what my clients go through to get three kids presentable enough to take pictures of.  

    Taking pictures of my own kids proved to be more difficult than I thought.  Within the first 5 minutes Tessa found mud and the boys were splashing boulders (not little rocks) into the water.  They are also easily distracted by birds, dogs, people, leaves and even shiny things draw in their attention (with the exception of my shiny camera).  Fast forward two hours and two full 4GB memory cards later…here are just a few pictures I took.  

    A good ole’ timer picture with me and the kids 🙂

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    Autumn Pictures with Little Alice!

    Some of the leaves are still hanging onto the trees despite the windy days we’ve been having lately.  When I woke up this morning, the weather was questionable, but thankfully the sun came out gracing us with a nice warm glow for our session this afternoon.

    Alice was perfect during our session.  She even managed to smile a few times for me and had fun playing with, or rather eating, the leaves.  Alice is a total sweet-heart!

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    Slingin’ Tongs with the Mitchelmore’s!

    Slingin’ Tongs?!…I hope I typed that right.  My husband is a rigger and I’m infamous for saying rig terms wrong (Instead of “Nipple Up”, I prefer just to say “Nipple” lol)

    I took pictures of Sean’s grad a few months ago and we were very rushed for the family picture part of the session so we are trying this again.  We met at the Oilfield Technical Society (OTS) Park in Edmonton.  Kevin works in the Oilfield so this location is perfect!  The Mitchelmore’s are good friends of ours and I was so glad we were able to get the Autumn family pictures Connie wanted!

    I told my Husband I was going to call this post “Drilling for Love” lol

    The boys are “Slinging Tongs”, Kev is the “Brake Weight” and Connie is “Grabbin’ the Kelly” lol (I’m not sure what Connie’s doing, but she looks cute doing it so that’s all that matters!)  We had lots of fun during our session.

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    “Abra-ca-whaaaat?”  That one phrase had little miss J. in stitches for most of the session.  Sorry Mom and Dad for over-using it, but when you find something that works; well, you go with….for the ENTIRE hour if need be!

    Not only is this beautiful family my new neighbours, but I also help Sarah organize a Mom’s group in Leduc.  Enjoy the sneak peeks…I’m sure little Miss J. is giggling on her Mom’s lap as they scroll through them.  This first one makes my day…

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    Catching up with the S. Family!

    I went to school with both Merrilyn and her hubby Alan.  I used to go for skating birthday parties at Merrilyn’s on the pond in front of her home and we went to camp together every year.  I used to ride the bus with Alan and although he rarely said anything to me throughout those years, he used to blow the best bubble-gum bubbles (this is what I remember most about him, but I also remember he had his own Cheques at an early age and I thought he was so grown up).

    When I first moved to Leduc, they were among my first clients.  This is now the third session we’ve done together since I’ve moved, same time every year!  I can’t believe how little B. has grown from session to session.  It was really good to see you again!

    Every year we start off the session with a pose in one of B.’s new frilly dresses (she’s been in a lot of weddings despite her young years…)  I’m told this is the last of the family weddings.  What will  you dress her in next year?!

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    Saying Good-bye

    My Aunty Lorraine bravely battled cancer for years.  Today she is safe in the arms of Jesus.  I will miss her infectious laugh, her zest for life, her sincerity, and most of all her faith which she always shared.  I love you Aunty Lorraine and you will be dearly missed by all those who had the good fortune to know you.

    I took this photo at the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life this year.

    Aunty Lorraine with my daughter (right) and Aunty’s granddaughter taken a few weeks ago.  She was such an amazing Grandmother.

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    Autumn Has Arrived!

    Finally, the beautiful colours of Autumn are here!  I have to admit that I booked a little too many sessions this fall; I’ll be processing pictures in my sleep.  However, fall is my favourite season for taking pictures!  The earthy smells, the vibrant colours, and the sun-kissed glow in the pictures…who can resist?

    Little E. and I bonded during the session.  He is such a bright and alert little guy, he followed me with his eyes where ever I went.

    E. also recently discovered his tongue.

    During one of the DLS Photography Workshops put on by the fabulous Hope Walls, she told us we would discover a “signature” shot that we would do time and time again in our photography.  Hope, I found mine!  This last shot is one that I love taking for each family. It never fails to show love, connection, and personality.


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    Climbing Trees with the D. Family!

    This morning was a beautiful, sunny, crisp fall morning….perfect for family pictures.  I took little Rory’s newborn pictures almost a year ago and I can’t believe she’s one already!  Big brother Trent was enjoying throwing rock after rock into the water and managed to crack a few smiles at me in between trips to the water’s edge.  Mom and Dad had no problem scaling a tree for a photo (apparently they are no strangers to tree climbing…Mom climbed up a tree in her wedding dress for their wedding pictures).  Thanks for spending the morning with me at the park. 


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    She’s Glowing!

    I love taking maternity pictures.  Pregnant women are so beautiful and this Mom-to-be was glowing.

    I can’t wait to hear the news and take some more pictures for you!   Thanks for spending the morning with me 🙂

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    Visit with Baby Isla

    Remember baby Isla I took pictures of when she was only 11 days old?  I was able to spend a couple days camping with her family this past week-end.  She sure has grown since I last took pictures.  Of course I couldn’t resist breaking out the new prop and letting Isla hang out in it. 

    Now onto the fall season, and lots of pictures!  The leaves are starting to turn colour 🙂