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    Lil’ Ole’ Blue Eyes…

    My goal with my family photography is to show who my client’s are as a family and to showcase the personalities of their children in the pictures.  When I take pictures for a family that I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting before hand, I feel like I’m at a bit of a disadvantage not knowing their personalities yet. 

    However, within the first few minutes of meeting lively little Liam and his beautiful parents, I could feel the close family dynamic and their easy-going nature and it made my job so easy.  Liam was a pleasure to take pictures of.  He was full of character, giggles, and smiles.  Have you ever seen eyes so blue?!

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    The Power of a Sunflower…

    What happens when you plant $60.00 worth of Sunflowers and a $1,000.00 worth of corn?! 

    A whole lot of sunflowers and not a lot of corn…

    Grandpa, surrounded by family, stands proud in his sea of sunflowers…

    Thanks Jake for inviting me out to capture your family in such a beautiful setting!

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    Sweet Baby Kate-Lynn

    I had the opportunity to take pictures of 6 week old Kate-Lynn this morning.  I’m guessing this little girl is going to crawl and walk early.  She is so bright, strong, and wiggly!  Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing little Kate-Lynn in to pose this morning; she is absolutely perfect! 

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    I’ll Always Have My Little Sister…

    Here are some sneak peeks of yet another beautiful family!

    As I was taking pictures of the cutest blonde sisters ever, I was reminded of the relationship I had growing up with my own little sister (I happen to have 5 sisters!).   Even though I put on a tough front, never letting on that I really adored the attention and admiration of my little sister, I actually loved it.  It’s a dynamic that can only exist between sisters.

    Take for example this shot…frame #1

    and here’s frame #2…

    You’re not fooling me!


    Sun-Kissed Sisters…

    I love taking pictures of a fun-loving couple….

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    Anna makes me smile…

    If ever I’m having a bad day, all I will have to do is look at sweet little Anna’s pictures to cheer me up.  I can’t help but sit here with a silly grin on my face as I process these pictures.  Here’s the first picture that brought a smile to my face…and it really wasn’t a planned shot, it was an accidental click as I was playing peek-a-boo!

    Little A. had a range of emotions during our session, but what I most got a kick out of was this final picture…

    I will do most anything to make your kids smile, so I often think (no, I know) that I must look like a “loser” when I’m goofing around for grins during a session, and apparently little Anna thinks so too!  lol

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    Trash the Dress Fun!

    My lovely neighbours Michelle & Rob agreed to allow me and Amy to photograph them as Michelle Trashed her Dress (I have great neighbours!).   We had so much fun and I can’t wait to do another Trash the Dress session (please contact me if you are interested!).

    It’s not about “Trashing” your wedding dress, it’s about creating new memories in your dress that would otherwise be hanging in your closet never to see the light of day.  Grab your hubby, or a girlfriend for a double TTD session, or keep it all about you…and get some fabulous shots in your dress in locations that you wouldn’t have dared to go on your wedding day!

    We had to get shots with the Harley….

    Thanks Rob for lending me your shoulders so I could get this shot!

    These Daisies are from Michelle’s yard…

    Stay tuned for more! Thanks again Michelle and Rob, we had lots of fun!

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    Lukey Lost his First Tooth!

    Lucas came in screaming with excitement that he lost his first tooth.  I asked “Where is it?”  and Lucas shrugged at me and said “I don’t know” (like it hadn’t occurred to him that he should keep it) With the help of his brother he found it on the garage floor.  A neighbour boy was outside with him at the time and says “All you have to do is put it under your pillow and you’ll get two bucks!” 

    TWO BUCKS…Is that how much the tooth fairy gives out these days?!  She can’t really cheap out on Lukey’s tooth seeing as she gave the neighbour boy $2.00!!!!  What happened to the tooth fairy of my day that would give a quarter and would sometimes forget and force me to sleep with my tooth under my pillow for a couple days…  Inflation?

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    Holy Holiday

    We’re back and we had a wonderful holiday full of sun, thunder storms, dicey roads, rolling waves, calm shores at Bare Bum Beach, fish, fish, and more fish!  It was a great 12 days away and I had the time I needed to relax, reflect, and recharge…I’m ready to get back to work.  Bring on the pictures!!!

    Home-made Moose thanks to my son Tyler

    I know this picture shows some questionable practices, but Ty’s Grandparents gave him a BB-Gun so he was scoping the surroundings at the lake.  No BB’s were shot during this picture….

    Beautiful Ministikewan Lake, SK.

    The main theme of our holiday.

    Catching fish is fun, but having to take the hook out and cleaning the fish…not so much.

    My sweet Tessa


    Big Beautiful Bear Dog…

    The boys discovered this little guy sunning himself in the rocks.


    Swimming off the boat (Tessa really only dipped her legs in the water)

    A beautiful sunset one night….

    and a storm the next….

    and fireworks, the night after that!

    Unlike many of the beaches in Alberta, this SK. beach was all to ourselves…hence the name “Bare Bum Beach”

    Lucas learned to Knee board there.

    Dad was so proud…

    Tessa spent most of the holiday in the lake

    Then we moved down the road to see my family at Makwa Lake…here’s the detour bridge we had to cross to get there….

    I held my breathe, I don’t like bridges the best of times, this one was a little dicey.

    Horses roam free around these parts…

    Tessa asked me several times to take her picture next to this tree in our campsite.  The girl knows a photo opp when she sees one.

    Lucas took this picture

    Lucas spent most mornings playing with his army men.


    Tyler swallowed a bit of the lake…

    hours of sandcastle building….

    and finally, this picture brings a huge smile to my face…Lucas wore his new scuba gear (thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the “going into grade 1” moola) around the campsite for hours waiting for the sun to come out so he could snorkel at the beach.