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    One Beautiful Family

    A couple months ago when I was camping with my family and friends I was introduced to Kristine who was pregnant with her second child and due any day.  She had a sweet baby girl 5 weeks ago, and contacted me to take pictures of the family.   Kristine, you make being a Mom look easy, and I really enjoyed taking pictures of your beautiful family.  You are very blessed 🙂

    Only the family and I know the secret to getting this shot, it was worth the several attempts it took to get it!


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    Head Over Heels for Baby Isla

    I had the honour of taking pictures of the newest Hopaluk, miss Isla who is such a little sweetheart.  She is so tiny and brand new!  Mom and Dad are naturals, and as soon as I saw them with her, I could feel that they have fallen head over heels in love with little Isla.  Good work, she is absolutely beautiful!


    There is nothing cuter than a newborn yawn!


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    Love at Sunset

    I have always wanted to take pictures of a couple at sunset, and these images have been floating around in my head for years.  Like my Whyte Ave pictures I decided to make these pictures happen, and the right people would come to me to help me with these projects.  Megan heard that I was looking for a model for some pictures, and volunteered to help me out.  I asked Megan if she also wanted to volunteer her boyfriend for my Love at Sunset pictures (yes, her boyfriend was volun-told) and she agreed.  I am so happy she contacted me, because they were absolutely perfect for these pictures.

    Just as we began the shoot, the clouds rolled in covering my much needed sun and I was doubtful I was going to get the pictures I wanted!  The sun finally make an appearance for a few minutes and I clicked off as many pictures as my 8GB card would hold.  Although it wasn’t the most glorious sunset I have seen, it produced the lighting I was after.  I sorted through them last night, and I could hardly sleep thinking about working on them (yes, it has now been established that I’m a geek).

    So here are a few…more to come!  Thank you Megan and Brad for being such great models!

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    Hoping for a Sunset

    This week-end I’m taking my Love at Sunset pictures, another set that has been floating around in my head.  I hope the weather co-operates (complete with sunset or at least some nice lens flare) and I get the shots I’m hoping for.  Stay tuned….

    And because no post is complete without pictures, here are a few more from the Whyte Ave session from last week.  I am having so much fun working on these!


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    Linda on Whyte Ave

    I daydream about taking certain pictures.  Every time I drive down Whyte Ave I can’t help but daydream about pictures (maybe don’t drive behind me on Whyte Ave).  Everywhere you look there’s great textures, lights, and interesting backdrops just begging to be used for pictures.  Fast forward to a couple days ago when I convinced my friend Linda to be my model for my Whyte Ave photo shoot…the photos that have been floating around my head for a couple years now.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better model.  I told her I wanted her hair and dress to be “flowy summer” lol.  When I picked her up, the vision I had for hair/make-up/and dress was totally met in every way.  Thank you Linda for being such a great model :0)

    Above: This was the only picture I managed to click off.  We came around the corner to see about a hundred (or so it seemed) bikers and Linda so bravely hammed it up for me as I clicked and power walked out of the shot!


    This final image is in honour and memory of Linda’s brother Rob. Linda’s tattoo is a tribute to her brother.   I had the privilege of taking these pictures of Linda on Rob’s birthday.

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    My Son Tyler’s Pictures

    I finally got around to downloading my son Tyler’s pictures he took at the Devonian Gardens using my old camera.  I know that I am biased, but I have to say that they are really good!  I especially love the self portrait!  I didn’t edit anything, I only resized for web, and watermarked them with a logo Tyler “instructed” me to design. 

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    Another Watermark

    I will probably continue to fiddle with watermarks and then change them up as I change my moods.  Since writing my “I had a dream” post, I decided to make this new watermark. 

    My son Tyler loves taking pictures too. 

    My little Tessa

    Lucas and his buddy Carter…so cute!