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    At a loss for words

    I was honored to spend last Saturday with the other members of ticdesign photographing some amazing moments of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at Foote Field in Edmonton, AB.  I’m at a loss for words, so I’ll post a few photos from throughout the day.

    The Survivor Walk…

    The Balloon Release…

    Superheros were in attendance…

    Above right: For my Aunty who’s strength and courage amazes me…


    “HOPE”…says it all!

    Next year, I will be walking in the relay.  Thank you Hope Walls for inviting me to help document such an important event!  The Edmonton Relay for Life brought in over $490,000!

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    Fun with Grads!

    I had so much fun taking pictures of a great group of Grads.  The theme was Hollywood, and they totally fit the bill.  As promised, here’ s a few sneak peeks!

    Kevin & Connie literally had 5 minutes to fit in a few family pictures before dashing off to oversee the banquet.


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    Crazy May!

    This month has been busy!  I am loving all the photo opp’s, but I have come to realize that if I bring my camera with me, I am useless to visit with…

    This is the stage my oldest is in right now, lit only be the glow of the laptop, he takes care of his webkinz in a virtual froggy world.

    My poor son was bit by a 5 month old puppy and required 12 stiches…ouch.  He says he’s going to tell the “ladies” that he was mauled by a cougar.  My husband asked him if it was the 40-year old cougar variety.  He just smirked, and winked.

    We were invited to a treasure hunt play-date a couple of weeks ago.  I have to say, Michelle outdid herself and decked out her yard complete with Pirate treasure, flags, balloons, and maps.  I’m not sure who had more fun, us Moms or the kids.  You are Super Mom Michelle, thanks for the great play-date (you’ ve set a mighty high standard which I will forever hold you too! hee hee)

    Above: my friend Melissa’s little man…mapping out his treasure.

    Above: Tessa enjoying her loot



    We are taking full advantage of the great weather and the kids are enjoying the trampoline and having their fill of ice cream on the deck.


    Next on the agenda…Grad pictures and the Relay for Life.  Both events are tomorrow in Edmonton.  I’m praying for good weather!

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    Dreaming BIG

    Task #1: Write down in point form on a piece of paper all the reasons photography appeals to you.  Dream big!

    Let me start out by saying that my writing can be very scattered as I usually just blurt out on paper everything I’m thinking.  I will do my best to articulate why I chose to be a photographer!

    To me, a successful photograph means that you “FEEL” something when you look at it.  It may not always be a good feeling, but you should feel something!  This is the way I weed through my pictures when trying to select the best from a client’s session.  I’ll go through them quickly at first and write down all the pictures that make me feel something when I look at them.  This may mean selecting a photo that is more technically weak than another (for example, the grainy picture I posted recently of the couple dancing.) I had very little available light to work with the exception of a little light shining from the bar in the corner, but it was a beautiful sight and such an intimate moment that I had to take it without a flash and use a very high ISO.

    I have three active, fun-loving, armpit farting, always asking questions and never satisfied with the answers, bright and silly kids…this will not change!  I don’t foresee myself having any spare time in the future so I believe this will always be a part-time gig for me, which is great!  I have never really advertised my services, but have worked off of word-of-mouth which has worked for me so far.  I love being able to balance my home life and my photography, and the two are synonymous most of the time anyway.

    A huge part of what fuels my passion for photography is being able to capture these fleeting moments for others as well.  There is no greater high than to see a smile flood a Mom’s face when she sees the pictures of her kids for the first time.  I can’t get enough of it!  I think everyone should have clear, bright, story-telling, dreamy pictures of their family/kids and this is what I’m striving for in my photography.

    I have no idea how far down the road this will happen, but it’s such a clear vision in my mind that I can’t imagine it not happening.  SOMEDAY, my hubby and I will buy an acreage with room to play, grow, and of course where I can take pictures at!  I see the big oak tree, the sun room, and the pole fencing.   I see families coming for their sessions and having many different options for where they want their pictures taken.

    Hope, you said to Dream BIG!!!!!

    I guess that’s it in a nut shell…
    ~I want my pictures to tell a story.

    ~I want you to feel something when you look at my photos.

    ~I want you to look back at the photos I take of your kids and smile, laugh-out-loud, or cry because it’s a time that you will never get back, but will always be there to remember because it’s documented.  It’s real, it’s life, it’s your memories on paper.

    Onto Task #2 which is to take 5 pictures that encompass my “style” as a photographer. Then select 5 pictures that I have already taken that also clearly shows my style and post them somewhere I can see them. These 10 shots should reflect, illustrate, or define WHY I take pictures.  I’ll post them on my blog too when I figure out my 10.

    Thanks for the exercise Hope, it has me a dreamin’!



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    Little boy blue

    Lindsay wanted to get pictures of her youngest son to match pictures she had done of her oldest son.  Now both boys will have pictures taken at the same age and Mom can proudly display both (without the Mom guilt of having one son’s pictures up and not the other!) 


    Click the album below to view all of the pictures from the session






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    Still Going Strong!

    My husband and I attended Wendy & Brian’s 25th anniversary celebration. They are as happy as the day they married.

    The Ceremony

    Renewing their vows…

    The prayer…

    The kiss…

    Presenting the family…

    After the ceremony we were off to the reception….

    Cutie pie…

    Cutting the cake….

    Above: Brian & Wendy are so graceful on the dance floor…

    I know the picture above isn’t the best quality, but near the end of the night as my hubby and I sat on the side lines of the dance area, a couple danced past us and I just had to get a shot but I didn’t want to disturb them with my flash.

    Thank you Brian and Wendy for inviting us to share in your celebration!