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    Girls, Girls, Girls!!!

    My husband and I were in North Battleford last week-end and we were able to fit in a quick visit with friends (we missed you there S.)  They have 4 beautiful girls…yup, there’s a lot of pink in that house!  Thanks for the coffee & visit R., it’s no wonder you can’t stop smiling on that new Harley! 

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    Crazy April Alberta Weather!

    We had a nice little blizzard in April (the day after we hauled the bikes & sidewalk chalk out and packed away the winter coats & boots)  I took this picture at 11pm.

    Snowy Night in April

    The next day, there was a robin convention out my window…

    Robin hang-out

    Gotta love Alberta Weather!!!!

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    Looking through the lens in a new way…

    For the first time in a long time, I took my camera with me for a road trip to Vermilion.  There was a time when I didn’t even want to pick up my camera unless I was taking pictures for someone else.  Not because I didn’t enjoy taking pictures, but because it felt a bit like work. 

    When we decided to take a quick trip to my home town of Vermilion, my first thought was to pack up my camera and document our trip.  I packed it up without even thinking about it, and only when we were 1/2 way there and I had already taken 100 pictures through my car window, did I realize how long it had been since I took pictures simply for the joy of it. 

    Since attending the workshops and finding a network of fellow shutterbugs, I have started seeing life through the lens in a new light.  I’m reclaiming my love for photography in a new way.  I used to think there was a “right” or “wrong” way to take pictures and if I couldn’t do it “right”, I wouldn’t do it at all.  Now, I’m finding motion blur, sun spots, and low-light situations fun and inspiring!  I didn’t even pack my flash!!! 

     Click the thumbnail below to see the rest….

    April Trip to Vermilion
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    DLS Assignment

    Our assignment this week was to to take pictures of 5 subjects and pose them in different ways.  I decided that since I was taking pictures already this week, I would use 5 “still” objects.

    I will preface these pictures with a little background on my subjects.  Mr. and Mrs. Piggy McPiggerson have a set of twins and have also adopted a goose (I did not have 3 little piggies).  They wanted pictures before moving off their family farm as they do not feel that it’s a safe environment to raise their children.  I have to agree…

    Check out the album…

    DLS Family Assignment


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    Hockey and Nintendo!

    Two cutie pies came over for pictures this week-end.  Dressed in their hockey jersey’s, they played Nintendo DS together from across the room (oh the technology!).  Dylan had a very creative gaming pose (check out the picture below).  Here’s a few pictures from the session ?

     See the rest….

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    My Kids

    My husband feels sorry for my kids, as I’m the family paparazzi of sorts, ready to take the picture at any moment that I deem “special”.  I still maintain that they’ll thank me for it later…



    Above: Exhausted after a long day of imaginary princess parties..