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Welcome to the World Amelia!

You may recognize my fancy British friend Sarah from other sessions I’ve blogged.  They welcomed a beautiful healthy baby girl Amelia to their family, and I’m so happy for them!

Gro16-196 webGro16-049 web

Sarah brought out her wedding dress and head piece for a few photos, a treasured image celebrating the past and the present.

If Amelia could talk, I’m sure she’d offer you a spot of tea. 😉

Gro16-069 web

Amelia has two very loving caretakers and friends for life. They argue over who gets to hold her first, and they are a great help to their parents.

Gro16-015bw webGro16-016bw web  Gro16-135 web Gro16-164 web Gro16-158 web

She is one loved little girl…

Gro16-185 web  Gro16-216 webGro16-207 web  Gro16-060 web

The clock is set to the time of her birth…

Gro16-230 web Gro16-238 web

An Amelia out-take as we were waiting for her to show us her little dimples…

Gro16-097 web

Ahhhh, there’s those fleeting dimples…

Gro16-086r web

Thank you so much for having me into your home to capture Amelia and your beautiful family. I sure do love your family!

From my heart to yours,

Christine (Clicky)


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