Welcome to the World Sweet Jordyn

Meet sweet little Jordyn, she’s an absolute doll…

Joh15-048 web

She’s a very special early Christmas present to her adoring Mom. I’m happy to call this beautiful Mamma my friend and I can’t wait to watch Jordyn grow right along with her ever expanding heart.

Joh15-344 webJoh15-250 webJoh15-491 webJoh15-374 web Joh15-281 web Joh15-201 web

She’s already an Oiler’s fan…

Joh15-293 web Joh15-307 web  Joh15-357 web  Joh15-381 web Joh15-385 web Joh15-394 web Joh15-402 web Joh15-430 web

Thank you so much Kristina for having me over to photograph Jordyn. She’s such a precious gift. You are doing amazing at Motherhood, as I knew you would. I love you both!

From my heart to yours,




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