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5 Fabulous Years of Sawyer!

Meet the ever adorable, smart, full-of-personality, hilarious Sawyer on┬áhis 5th birthday…

Kerr14-016 web

Every year we get together so I can photograph his amazing personality to show exactly who he is at each birthday. I love these sessions, his parents bring his favourite things and allow him to play without direction. The result is 100% Sawyer surrounded by his family who love him to the moon and back. I only wish you could hear his little munchkin voice, so cute!

Kerr14-009 web Kerr14-020 web

Kerr14-040r web Kerr14-060 web

This is his much loved Teddy “JoJo”, the first stuffy he named by himself…

Kerr14-074 web Kerr14-080 web Kerr14-097 web Kerr14-132 web Kerr14-139 web Kerr14-164 web Kerr14-182 web Kerr14-214 web Kerr14-223r web Kerr14-230 web Kerr14-266 web Kerr14-278 web Kerr14-346 web Kerr14-348 web Kerr14-363 web

Thank you so much for another fun year of photos. Happy Happy Happy birthday Sawyer!

From my heart to yours,



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