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9 yrs. of Beautiful Weather with the S. Family

If you follow my blog, you’ll recognize the beautiful S. Family. We meet on the same week-end every year. We were talking about how we’ve never had bad weather on this date…in all of our 9 years meeting up. I don’t even check the weather forecast on their date anymore. So if you’re planning an event, you should be safe with the third week-end of September 🙂

It was so good to see them again, the kids have grown so tall. As always, their family is a pleasure to photograph. They are kind, thoughtful, and so very genuine.

I always appreciate the care and attention they put into planning their annual photography session right down to their outfit choices. Nice work!

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Their family silhouette just might be my favourite part of their yearly session (love how it turned out this year!)…

swe14-236r web

Thank you so much for travelling again to see me! I absolutely adore your family and I’m thankful for our annual visit!

From my heart to yours,




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