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Chasing Jayden

Once again, I was honoured to photograph my friend Jill and her beautiful family. Our hour together is always full of laughter (and lots of running).

Jayden is as active and curious as ever. I knew there was no point in setting up my flash as he sits still for a split second and then he’s off on another adventure.

Mr. Personality…

Imp14-019 webImp14-014 webImp14-021 web

Imp14-008 web

His parents allow Jayden to explore his independence, they are amazing parents. Lucky boy.

Imp14-070 web

Imp14-079 web

Imp14-081 web

Imp14-151 web

Imp14-193bw web

Imp14-219bw web

Imp14-054 web

Imp14-059 web

Imp14-102 web

Imp14-123 web

Imp14-135bw web

Imp14-131 web

Imp14-169 web

Imp14-179 web

Imp14-183 web

Imp14-225 web

Thanks for travelling to see me! As always it’s so good to spend time with your family.

From my heart to yours,



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