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Meeting a Superhero in an Alley

I met up with the most adorable little superhero in an alley…

Ker11-003 web

Sawyer turned 4! Every year we get together to celebrate his birthday so I can capture exactly who Sawyer is at each year of his active little life.

His parents give him complete freedom to do whatever he wants during the session (which is awesome for me as a photographer). The results are 100% Sawyer…

Ker11-016 web

Ker11-040 web

Ker11-017 web

A little superhero love after saving his damsel in distress, all in a day’s work…

Ker11-027 web

Ker11-054 web

Ker11-056bw web

Ker11-063bw web

Ker11-102bw web

Ker11-123bw web

Ker11-084 web

Sawyer Triptych2 web

Sawyer Triptych web

Every superhero needs a side kick, lucky for Sawyer his side kicks enables him to fly…

Ker11-215 web

Ker11-218 web

Ker11-180 web

Ker11-196 web

Ker11-312 web

Ker11-252bw web

Thank you for another fun session, I can’t wait to see what year 5 brings!

From my heart to yours,


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