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The G. Family at their Family Homestead

Meet the G. Family…

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I have photographed their life milestones through the years and I have missed them since they moved to the States. I was so excited when they contacted me to schedule Lucas’ cake smashing and a family session while they were in Canada visiting. We did both sessions in one busy day!

We met on their family homestead, a special location rich in history and meaning. Years ago before they had kids, they had their photo taken by this window; we recreated the shot in 2010 and then again in today’s version. Look at the life they have built together, brings tears to my eyes!

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They also brought with them a special friend to their family whom they have known since she was 3 years old. Jess is beautiful inside and out, and so good with the kids. They adore her…

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These amazing kids have big personalities, and I love how their individuality shines through…

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There have been times when I’ve questioned if I found the right career. I love photography more than I can articulate; however, picking up my camera makes up a small portion of what it takes to run a photography business. I’m a creative, the book keeping part has always been a challenge for me. And then I have moments like this with a family I love, who have woven their way into my heart with their kindness & generosity. I respect and adore them and the life they have built. I have grown with them through their life moments over the years.

At the end of their session I asked if there were any other photos they were hoping to get.

Jody said: “We need one with you.”

“Wait, Me?” I asked.

And their girls giggled and pulled me by each hand to the barn for one last photo…

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Thank you Jess for taking this photo for us, I will always treasure it. This is my favourite part of photography, the close relationships built.

Thank you so much G. Family for the amazing day and I look forward to seeing what the next chapter in life brings for your amazing family.

From my heart to yours,



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