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Brandy’s Back!

You may remember Brandy from last year, she’s back with even more focus and determination and ready to compete once again!  When we began our session, I immediately saw differences from last year’s shoot. First of all she has this glow!

Der3-363 web

We thought it would be fun to do another comparison shot. The white backdrop photos were taken exactly a year ago (six weeks apart from one another) and the black backdrop is this year. I can definitely see you added more muscle and definition Brandy!

Brandy Comparison web

Look at that back!!!!

Der3-276r web

Der3-285bw web

Der3-289bw web

Der3-394bw web

Der3-116bw web

Der3-017 web

Der3-337 web

Der3-385 web

Stay tuned for part 2 of our session, Brandy and her two gorgeous girls (yes, this strong woman as 2 kids!).  We had lots of fun together and I loved photographing their connection.

Thank you Brandy, best of luck in your competitions!



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