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The Many Faces of Maya

Meet Maya…

Hay5-011 web

I’ve had the honour and privilege of photographing Maya and her loving parents since she was a baby. I’m not sure how I lucked out to have met this special family.

One of my favourite things about Maya are her many faces; she gives me a variety of expressions throughout our time together.  Love them all!

Maya collage web

Hay5-419 web

A shot from our first session together, and our latest session…

Haydey Comparison web

Hay5-032 web

Hay5-070 web

Hay5-165 web

Hay5-237 web

Hay5-256 web

Hay5-347 web

Hay5-370 web

Hay5-379 web

Maya sure is lucky to have such uplifting, loving, encouraging and supportive parents…

Hay5-384 web

Hay5-428 web

And she was blown away by the sheer force of her own giggle…

Hay5-411 web

Thank you H. Family for yet another awesome session! And thank you Maya for bringing along your favourite doll “Boots” who was my very important lighting assistant. 😉


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