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Three Fun Years of Sawyer!

Meet Sawyer (I adore this boy)!

Sawyer 3 yr Triptych web

I’ve been taking photos of Sawyer and his sister since they were babies. Every year their parents book me for their birthdays to document exactly who they are at each stage of life. The BEST part about this arrangement is their parents give them complete freedom to do whatever they want during their sessions. It’s completely unstructured and I just chase them around for an hour.

Because they each get their very own birthday shoot, the only tricky part for the kids is that it’s frustrating when it’s not their turn. ┬áTake for example Sawyer’s expression during his sister’s artistic birthday shoot earlier this year…

9-250 web

Now it’s Sawyer’s turn and he’s into dump trucks, playing in dirt making mud pies, exploring with walking sticks, and making “alphabet soup potion” in the water.

He’s lively, inquisitive, energetic, talkative, and 100% ┬áhilarious.

Ker10-056 web

Ker10-066 web

Ker10-067 web

Ker10-075 web

He was enthralled with making mud pies, until he realized he was dirty…

Ker10-180 web

Then he beckoned for wipes…immediately. STAT.

Ker10-208 web

All clean…

Ker10-228 web

His big sister and Dad joined in for a couple photos (by the way, that tree trunk has magical powers).

Ker10-043 web

Ker10-047 web

You may not be able to tell from these photos, but he’s really fast. He had us all running the entire session!

Ker10-240 web

Ker10-255 web

Ker10-257 web

Ker10-261 web

Ker10-263 web

Ker10-127 web

Happy birthday Sawyer!

Thank you for yet another fun session. I can’t begin to explain how much I love documenting the kid’s milestones.

From my heart to yours,


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