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Artistic Addison Year 5

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Addison ever since she was a baby. Every year we meet for her birthday shoot, which is a story of who she is at each stage of her life.

What I love most about her parents, is that they encourage Addy to lead the session; bringing along various items that she loves.  I just follow her around as she plays so that each session is a true reflection of who she is at each birthday.  Isn’t that awesome?!

Addison Kerr Collage web

Last year we went puddle jumping, and this year she’s into crafts, dance, and as always exploring.

Here is the story of Miss Addison, age 5…

9-026 web

9-027 web

9-078 web

Addison Diptych web

9-096 web

9-111 web

This is her brother Sawyer, he came along to help out…

9-134 web

9-143r web

9-184 web

9-189 web

9-208 web

Now here is the moment when Sawyer got a little overwhelmed with it all.

And the award for the saddest face in the entire world goes to…

9-250 web

Addy wasn’t about to let a little crying interrupt her creative process…

9-217 web

9-238 web

9-264 web

Addy’s finished masterpiece…

9-312 web

Meanwhile in Sawyer-land…

9-269 web

Sawyer’s Mom asked if he wanted to blow some glitter into the air with his sister. The time between these two photos is about 30 seconds. Kids, they can turn off those tears like a faucet! 😉

9-283r web

9-303 web

Addy Collage2 web

9-340 web

9-349 web

And then Addy “snuck up” on some Geese.

9-356 web

The end!


  • Proud Parents

    So awesome! We had a blast and we laughed out loud at the Sawyer shots. Addison had fun and we have decided she is playing with “fairy dust”. Thank you for being so free to go with the flow and try all the wacky things we dream up. You do an amazing job capturing their spirit each year!

  • Barb Olmstead

    I love these pictures. Shannon your kids are just too cute!!! The glitter shots are awesome!!! I was thinking she was lucky the geese didn’t turn around and chase her. ha ha

  • Barb Smith

    What a treasure to have these special photos captured as the kids grow. You have an awesome family Dwight and Shannon, thank you for sharing. Addison you are a beautiful little girl. Sawyer – you’re too cute for words. I love you all.

  • Grandma D & Papa J

    The most adorable kids in the world. We are so proud of the kids and their kids…….beautiful memories to cherish…..

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