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Beautiful Brandy

Meet Brandy…

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I first met Brandy at the Leduc Recreation Centre where she works as a Personal Trainer. What I first noticed about her was her smile, which she wears most of the time.

She dedicates her time to motivating and inspiring her clients, and she’s about to take it home as well!  She’s in the process of creating an in-home Personal Training space to better serve her clients.

Brandy is one of the most dedicated and hard-working women I have ever met. You see she’s just a few weeks from competing at Alberta’s which will be her fifth show. She did her first three shows in 1999 and went all the way to Nationals. She took 12 years away from competition to have a family and live life, but after going to the Alberta’s last summer, she decided to get back on stage. She wanted to do something for herself since most of her time was allotted to her family and clients.

When I asked how her training was going, she told me she hired the best guy in the business Ron Partlow, a friend and fellow competitor. Ron has been an amazing part of her success as she trains.  She competed at Muscle beach last October and placed first in Women’s lightweight and 3rd in Women’s Masters.

This photography session is the first of two as she trains for the Alberta’s which is only a few short weeks away on June 23!

Our kids go to the same school, so I am used to seeing her at school in her workout attire. Who knew that under her workout clothes, this is what her back looks like…amazing!

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Brandy is focused, determined, motivated. I can’t wait for session #2 which will be 10 days away from competition. I have no doubt with her focus and hard work, we will see even more muscle definition and striations. Way to go Brandy!

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