Hey Jude, You are Adorable!

Meet the completely adorable baby Jude.

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Jude’s family have been dreaming of his arrival, and we got together last Autumn for a family maternity session to capture this amazing time in their lives. Click HERE to take a peek.

He’s finally here, and he seems pretty happy about it! He’s only 8 days old, and already smiling at Mom…

3-049 web

3-051 web

Jude was in no mood to sleep at the beginning of our session. He spent the first hour ¬†looking around and taking it all in…

3-017 web

3-025 web

He finally got tuckered out, with a little help from his Mom’s loving touch…

3-010 web

3-067 web

3-064 web

3-130 web

3-134 web

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3-149bw web

3-180bw web

3-161 web

3-189 web

3-081 web

Isn’t he precious?! We sure lucked out with the smiles, it must be a sign he’s going to be one happy little boy!

Thank you for coming to visit, I loved every minute of it.


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