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Trevor and Bonnie Trash the Dress

My beautiful friend Bonnie recently married the love of her life, Trevor.  I’m so happy for her!  When she asked me to capture her Trash the Dress session, I was so excited. Trash the Dress sessions are a newer idea, rather than dry cleaning and boxing the dress as they did even a few years ago when I got married. The boxed dress never again sees the light of day. Many people don’t understand why a bride would “Trash” her dress.  In reality, it’s a celebration of the dress and the marriage. It allows the bride to wear her dress all over again and have fun with it without worrying about getting dirty like most do on their wedding day.  In fact, that’s the goal of the session…to get messy and have fun.  Bring on the water!

Bonnie wanted photos on the beach, so we were on the search for a local lake that would work for their session.  We decided on Miquelon Lake, AB. and lucky for us, the beach was completely clear of people as it had just rained.  For once I didn’t stress about rain during a session. The more water, the better. Trevor and Bonnie braved the cold waters and had lots of fun with it.  They have such a great connection, like they’ve known one another for a lifetime already.

Their marriage is full of fun, laughter, and love. Congratulations you two!

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Thank you for asking me to document this amazing moment in your lives. I had so much fun with you both!


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