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Little Miss Personality

Meet Maya

4-060 web

Isn’t she a doll?! I was excited to see Maya and her parents as it’s been a whole year since our last session together.  You can check out how much Maya has grown by clicking HERE.

I was not only surprised by how much she’s grown in just one year (as has her beautiful hair), but also by how her little personality has grown into a big personality! She set up this shot below all by herself, with no coaching from me at all.

Little Miss Personality…

Maya Collage web

4-182 web

She also has THE BEST pout.

4-074 web

Her parents continue to foster a sense of wonder, imagination, and creativity within their little blessing.  The great love and appreciation they hold for one another is very apparent with ever interaction between the three of them. It’s a blessing to know them.

4-219 web

4-049 web

4-144r web

4-118 web

4-087 web

4-021 web

4-204 web

4-254 web

4-307 web

Maya Collage2 web

4-286 web

4-261 web

4-384 web

4-388 web

4-371 web

Thank you for spending the evening with me.  As always, it’s an honour capturing your family story.  Looking forward to next year’s adventure!


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