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Camping with the B. Family

Meet the B. Family. I just love this family. They are soon going to trade in their status as a “family of 4” to a “family of 5”.  When you go from two to three kids, it’s lots of fun as you now have more kids than hands.

But luckily this couple make a great team so I’m sure it will be a seamless transition.

3-150 web

The kids took a break from running at the park just long enough to squeeze in this session while we camped together on May Long Week-end.  I clicked one of the first photos below and much to Noah’s frustration, we weren’t done there (a boy needs his park time!)

3-013r web

The last time I took photos of the kids, Miss Mayah (with a little help from Noah) smashed a cake for her first birthday…or rather she daintily picked fondant flowers while Noah ate them.

He’s just as enthusiastically loving to his sister now as he was two years ago….

2__044bw web

However, Myah has now found her voice…

3-209bw web

3-220bw web

3-038 web

3-087 web

3-103 web

3-124bw web

3-133bw web

3-159bw web

3-161 web

Noah has the sweetest disposition.  He played for hours with my daughter and was her little caretaker, always making sure she was having fun…such a softy.

3-184 web

Myah has already picked out names for her baby brother or sister.  I believe she said “Bria” for a girl or “Daily” for a boy.  She’s so imaginative!

3-193 web

3-034 web

Becker Collage web

3-272 web

3-280 web

Becker Collage2 web

Congratulations! I’m so happy for your family.  I can’t wait to hear if it’s a girl or a boy, and I think you should go with Myah’s name choices.  😉


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