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Welcome Baby Brynn

Remember this couple?

M-121bw web

They both thought they were having a boy, and to their surprise they were blessed with the sweetest baby girl they named Brynn.

Brynn Collage web

Can you believe all that hair!

B-060 web

As I was taking pictures of the three of them, I had to choke back tears.  They love that exists between them is amazing to see. I remembered back to the time when they first met and we teased Megan and Brad that they would one day get married and have many babies.

B-185bw web

B-165bw web

Mom had to work hard for her little girl, she was in labour for over a day. As Megan starred down in awe at Brynn, her tiny fingers wrapped around her own, she softly said to me “She was worth it.”

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B-044 web

B-080 web

B-162 web

B-190 web

Baby sneezes…there is nothing cuter than that.

B-001 web

B-226 web

B-228 web

B-110bw web

There is something so special about the first family photo, sitting on the steps of baby’ s first home.

B-275bw web

Brynn Collage2 web

Congratulations, I’m so happy for you! Thank you for the honour of capturing this amazing time in your lives. Brynn is a very lucky little girl to have the two of you as her parents.



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