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Puddle Jumping with A.

Meet A.

7-245 web

She may look familiar to you if you follow my blog as I’ve taken her photos since she was 9 months old. She has grown from a little personality into a big personality and has changed so much since her last birthday.

In celebration of turning 4, she brought some of her favourite things (including her little brother), wore the clothes she picked out herself, and asked to end the session with puddle jumping. I love that her parents gave her free rein so the photos are a true reflection of exactly who she is at the big-girl age of 4…an endless supply of energy, smiles, and ideas. From dancing and twirling one moment, to running through mud and puddles the next…you can’t help but sit back, laugh, and just watch her.

She has her own cheers made up to go with these pom-poms…

7-018 web

7-043 web

7-069 web

She has a great range of facial expressions that she pulls out when you least expect it. Love it!

7-102 web

Sticks still fascinate her….

7-132 web

7-144bw web

7-161bw web

7-317bw web

7-304 web

7-326 web

7-332 web

7-242 web

7-384 web

7-345 web

7-447 web

7-441 web

Happy birthday big girl!

Thank you for suggesting puddle-jumping! ย One never gets too old to enjoy the art of puddle-jumping. ๐Ÿ™‚



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